This blog pause brought to you by……


  • overwhelm…..I was just remembering the movie “Parenthood” when the Dad character (Steve Martin) spits back at the Mom character (Mary Steenburgen):     “My whole life is ‘have to’!”        I’m not quite at that point, but there’s WAY too much “have to” and not nearly enough “Oh! Let’s do! That’ll be fun!” right now. Still having my difficulties with authority: “shouldn’t haf ta/don’ wanna/ain’tgonna” seems to be my initial reaction to most everything, which is TOO STUPID for WORDS. I’m so sick of myself.
  • sinus mosh pit – both the Duke of Curl & the Force of Nature have gotten this quasi-serious summer hacking cough.  I don’t have the cough – I’ve got a low grade fever, wacky sleeping/messed up dreams (they’re not even fun/psychedelic/scary. I mean-why bother?) and the ongoing sinus headache which feels like a bunch of yobbos in Doc Martens boshing around in there. No point in taking pain meds cos they don’t work for this. Throw in several random hot flashes & you might understand why I’m still in my pajamas (or pyjamas-whichever spelling you like).
  • arthritic hands – this cold is bothering MY HANDS. Yup so very little knitting or piano playing going on. Poopies.
  • TOMATOES! -the influx hath begun, and I am some happy about it but mostly feel like:


So how are you?

I promise photos of yarny goodness in a few days.  Off to Nashville for Sat & Sun, which should blast me out of my mehness.


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  1. I understand the overwhelmedness and hope your whelm level is where you need it to be and you are finding some joy today and every day! Hope to see you tomorrow!

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