Alabama Fried Garden….not just yet (many pics)

WARNING: what follows is bunch of hoohah and flummery designed to produce laughter.  The plants are real, but the grandiose titles are NOT.

Right outside my back door is my plant nursery and green water station:

“Green” water station – the dripping condensate from the AC unit which I use to water plants with. Look out Sierra Club!

Plant “nursery” – a couple of Jiffy plant starters from Home Depot and a jelly jar with water & a sweet potato in it. The table was from my little girl’s playset (at least 10 yrs. old) that’s used for all kinds of things now.

This leggy looking thing is my lone gardenia bush. It isn’t pretty, but this year it has had more than 30 blooms on it, all smelling heavenly.

The herb garden. It’s a blooody mess. Also right outside the back door.A wonderfully smelly rose. French. Named after Napoleon's empress but cannot remember the actual name...

The Rose Garden – currently under-pruned, under-fed and overrun by morning glories.

The Force of Nature painted this sign for me last year. My favorite part of the garden by far!

Another lovely stinky rose – underfed underpruned yadda yadda yadda

The Squash Boudoir – looking very healthy – thank you rattail radish!

The Bean Trellis of Magnificence – Studmuffin laughed hard at the last one I made 2 years ago; said he’d build a good one for me. I’m still waiting. This one’s doing ok so far…..

Purple Vionfo Trioletto – supposed to have purple beans – seen the flowers, no beans as yet.

The cucumber plants will go here, once they are out of the “nursery” I’ve planted cukes 3 times so far this season with zero luck in getting actual plants.

Sweet pepper plants – they look MUCH healthier in the photo than they do in real life….

Last year I grew sweet potatoes for the first time….kinda by accident. This is a self-grown slip starting to flourish in the “back bed” that almost never gets fully planted. By the time I’d left AL, I’d planted 2 more slips and have 4 or five in the nursery. My family had better learn to like them; I love them!

Some of the 30+ tomato plants I bought/started this year interplanted with basil. So far, we’ve had just a couple from the “Frankenstein Black” plant.

My sole canteloupe vine – it has 2 melons on it! In 20+ yrs. of gardening, I’ve never gotten canteloupes. I hope it pays off this year but hey! I’m a Red Sox fan: I know from “patience”

The Unknown tomato – I lost a few tags for some of the mail order plants. This one could be ‘Indian Stripe’……

This giant tomato cage holds 4 or 5 plants: Cherokee Purple, Red Grape, Beefsteak – all ones I was trying to ‘heel over’ til I could figure out what to do with all these extra. They decided to grow like gangbusters and so now there all in one big tomato cage.

Pretty purple bean flower. I better get some beans tho’

Trying to be arty here….

Part of my somewhat stitched-together watering “system”……The blue hose is the main one, but it isn’t quite long enough….blah blah blah

The Jardin de Chez Oney – from a different angle. The garden sign is on the right side of picture, and the ‘yellow mound’ is the back bed….know now as the Sweet Potato Corral

But wait! There’s MORE!

Out in front of Chez Oney:

On one side of the front door

On the other side of the front door

The front of the manse

I plant Zinnias for Boris – he likes to eat the leaves. This one was kind of amazing – it has like HUNDREDS of petals.

I was very careful to get varieties of zinnia & cosmos that would be interesting colors….but magenta is what lived.

I bought these hot peppers at Kroger. Pretty, but they are not gonna make it……

In each of the stumps, I planted ….GIANT pumpkins!

I sure do hope they make it!

The leaves are HUGE.

My hands aren’t really big hands, but here’s an idea of the size of the leaves. Looking forward to Hallowe’en.

My first harvest of the year!




You might notice in some of these pictures that our lawn is mostly GREEN despite days of super high temps and no rain. This is because of 3 things:

1. – we have a mulching mower

2. – We cut it long (or not at all when it’s dry)

3. – It is not all one kind of grass.

In the 15 years we have lived here we have never watered it, fed it or seeded it.  True, it doesn’t look like a putting green and it is occasionally shaggy, but it isn’t brown & dead looking like so many yards are and I fully expect this lawn to outlive me, however long I should live.  Take that Scotts & MiracleGro!



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