So we haven’t had any rain for nearly a month,  except for a small downpour that lasted about 5 mins.  And then immediately ran off into gutters.  Plus we have had sweltering temperatures for weeks like much of the rest of the US. So it got very, very dry here. I’ve been doing my drip & mist watering thing with the veg garden and the flowers so things haven’t died but they are stressed.. .a lot. I took a bunch of veg garden pictures a few days ago; I hope to share them with you by Saturday. But I did start hearing the word “drought” from various weatherfolk around here and that’s BAD.  It turns out that we are 7″ behind our average rainfall since January – about an hour west of here in Muscle Shoals, they are 10″ behind. I’d kinda forgotten about our 2 year old dogwood tree – should have watered it  a few times already – I mean it was getting rather crispy around here!

It had threatened a thunderstorm all morning yesterday and about 1:30 pm ,the rain began and it has stopped only briefly a few times since then . At times,  the rain fall has been quite heavy,  & I’m so glad!  I went out on the patio after it had been raining for twenty minutes or so and just sat and watched it for a while .  You could almost hear the yard give a delighted,”Ahhhhhhh! ” To top it off, it’s much MUCH cooler too.

Maybe now the bugs will stop tryna come in to the house so much.. .. Still,  it’s such a blessing and perhaps the rest of the summer will be more like usual.


Not much knitting tonight – the cat has taken it over.


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