Happy HOT Fourth of July! and lots of photos

Hope it was lovely.  I spent some time showering in cold water (water heater still broken), trying sort out & clean things in the master bedroom, sweating, doing large amounts of laundry, sweating, taking photos of the garden before it goes all crispy, sweating,  taking more crappy phone pictures of a finished project, a work in progress, and some recent stash enhancement, and sweating. Did I mention it is hot?

I’ll save the garden stuff for the next post, and I still have some serious catching up to do (I can hardly WAIT to share my much belated “Mothers’ Day” present pics with you, many yarn crimes have been tagged for sharing and yes Virginia, there IS a podcast), but there is some actual knitting /yarn content here for you.

Just before we get to that, I made a rather eclectic Spotify playlist for today, and if you wanna get all patriotic and stuff, you can find it here:


I’m trying to make this more exciting with the animations. Is it working?

Finished Object

Well, mostly. A few ends to weave in here and there and perhaps some blocking…..

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the right color in the picture.  One ply is a raspberry red and the other ply is bright orange. It’s a yummy combo. Here’s the Ravelry link, and even tho’ it’s really hot, Boris was *still* willing to model it for me:

He’s so purty.

Work In Progress

I have begun the afghan for Mom & Dad and I’m having fun with it.

So much fun to see how each color looks next to the others – I’m neglecting things I really need to get done.  And now the fun stuff!

Stash Enhancements

Lana Grossa Divino –

75% cotton, 25% viscose, RL = approx 120yd/110m/50g

I got this because I’m really curious to see what it looks like knitted up, and to see if my hands can take it. I have a hard time knitting cotton… And it would be such a pretty summer shawlette….

A new book! (this actually came in the mail).

I wanna see if this will be useful in chart reading.

My friend Sarah M. gave me the Knit Picks interchangeables (top) to play with, and I’m not quite sure why I got the bamboo ones (bottom) now…..  It might have been to start on this beautiful thing:

Rav link: ‘Venus’ by Karen Bradley

I’ve been itching to start a shawl, and I do so love the look of this one. After consulting with the yarn enabling salespeople at Yarn Expressions, I decided on this yarn.

Lang – Mille Colori

75% superwash wool, 25% nylon; 400 metres (437 yards.)

It feels so yummy in the skein.  But then I looked around some more and saw these:

The Alpaca Yarn company – PacaPeds

Colorway – Paccachino

65% Superwash Merino, 15% Nylon, 20% Alpaca
about 100 grams
360 yd / 329.2 m

I could make 2 of them, right? Yup, I can.

Then, like a fool, I started looking at the Madelinetosh yarns

I found that the one I’d left behind last time  was still waiting for me:

Tosh Lace in Flashdance!

100% superwash merino wool

950 yards / 868 meters

I couldn’t leave it behind again….I just couldn’t.

I’m not certain what happened to me next – perhaps the fiber fumes made me a little woozy, because I got this one too:

Prairie – another Madeleinetosh laceweight!

100% superwash merino wool

840 yards / 768 meters

The color, which is called “Fathom”, is very different from the picture; it is deeper and more tinged with black.

(Go and see their picture on their website – it’s WAY better than mine)

Yep, I was-

  • in too deep –
  • way over my head –
  • out of my depth –
  • drowning –
  • going overboard –
  • sinking…ok, I’ll stop. 🙂

Alas – once more into the fray…   I mean, I’m already in BIG trouble here, so why not?  Let’s make the spousal displeasure & subsequent scolding REALLY worthwhile……

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere

“Cranberry Melt”

100% merino superwash wool
400 yds.

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  1. The highlighter tape is awesome stuff but two things: 1.) Still put your pattern in a page protector the tape eventually leaves a residue and it’s much easier to wipe it off the page protector than your pattern

    And 2.) if you fold down one end it makes it really easy to peel it off and move it on your pattern.

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