Friday happies

So Wednesday’s post contained the give away and I asked for comments.  I had something else to do in the evening so I went out & I came back several hours – no comments.  I was a little surprised, but it was OK….

Yesterday, I checked in the afternoon….and no comments.  I was starting to feel like the Universe was ganging up on me, that nobody loved me and worm soufflé was in the cards for dinner.


I have to approve the comments if’n ya haven’t commented here before. Lo! And behold! There y’all are.  I feel a little stupider than usual….. All that being said, this what your comments do to me:

I don’t even care if yer just here for the giveaway, I still wanna do this:

Even though I really look a lot more like this:

but not quite as hip.

I love it – keep the comments coming!  And make sure you dance today.




  1. In reply to Diana: Aw come on! Doesn’t the boxer dog look like he’s having a blast? I think so. And James Brown is THE Godfather of Soul…… All happies for me.

  2. look at the doggy! how cute!!!! and i totally aree! comments warm my heart and make me feel loved and no comments on my posts make me sad 😦 .wonder if my bff and my sis even read 😦 )

  3. The dog bouncer looks great. Some of the other dancers look a bit on the wild side. Still fun…………………

  4. OMB, that bouncing dog is adorable. And, hey, don’t we all have days like that? I know I do!

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