New Yarn Acquired….and some fun!

The Toyota needed a new radiator, the water heater is on the fritz and the washing machine is on its last legs…..

….so of course, I’ve bought yarn.  And books.

Because we ain’t got enough of either ’round here, right?  ::::::sadly shaking my head at my continuing folly:::::

OK, enough whingeing – on with the show!+ BTW, I didn’t get all of this TODAY; it’s been a few weeks….


Tosh Merino Light


Frog Tree



Twisted Fiber Art

Self-striping yarn in Kabam!


(The itty bitty skein is a sample of their MCN yarn,Tasty, in the Maple colorway. YUM!)

Dream in Color


Starless Sky

Another sock book! But really, I’ll probably buy anything written by Stephanie van der Linden – even if it’s in German!

I’m not a complete yarn snob!

Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby)

Walk Away sock yarn

Heel to Toe

Interweave Knits’ Summer 2012 Jane Austen Knits Magazine; I didn’t like the things in the first Jane Austen Knits collection to buy it, but I just had to get this one!!

and Cascade

Alpaca Lace

Thistle – this yarn is an incredible buy!

Sorry about the blur, but you can still see how complex this colorway is. I’m itchin to cast on a shawl!!

May get paired with “Zombie” for a freaky pair of socks for British comedian….

Red Heart

Heart & Sole with Aloe


Or maybe this will go with “Zombie”……..

Pigeon Roof Studios

High Twist sock superwash Merino


Again I love the complexity of this colorway….though the pictures are rather brighter than in person.

Cockleshell up CLOSE!!

These were both on clearance at a store that rhymes with ‘flobby bobby’. They’re being added to the living room scrap afghan project….It needed these colors, I think……

I Love This Yarn

in Summer Happens (green ombre) & Perpetual Sunshine (yellow ombre)


I’ve been thinking about an afghan fer Mom & Pops.  I have 75% of a Klimt-inspired Babette done for them, but Ma wanted more BROWN.  Once I finish that, I can give it to a friend who ADORES yellow, so that’s good…. Then this caught my eye:

OH YEAH! No brown but I could add some right? But Mum didna want wool – even if it was washable, so I’m going with Knit Picks Brava Worsted – a delicious 100% acrylic…YES> ACRYLIC.  Then, after I went thru the color card and made my substitutions for the original yarn, I saw all their browns and everything and decided to order every color they had!

…Except Cream. I meant to order cream…but I forgot. I will order it from them soon enough, but in the meantime….


Sorry for the blur

The column on the left (plus the orange & yellow in the middle) has the color substitutions I came up with for the original.

Last but CERTAINLY not LEAST is this:

I have really been looking forward to this book.    THIS IS A USEFUL BOOK.  I am in LOVE with this book. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! So much good information, excellent pictures, swatches – the whole enchilada. You NEED this book….

…and I have an EXTRA one to GIVE AWAY!

So here are the deets:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what you like about my blog (I need some encouragement. Please be kind :).
  • If you would like to enter more than once, you may comment on any other post I generate between June 21 and July 8, 2012. (If you post more than one comment on any particular post, you’ll still get just one entry for that day)
  • You have until 11 pm, CDT on July 8th, 2012 to enter. International folks are welcome too.
  • If you say nasty things to me or anyone else, you lose your opportunity to enter this give away.
  • I will choose the winner on July 9 using a random number generator and notify via email.

I would love it if you would tell other knitterly types who like to read blogs about the give away. Thanks!



  1. I like three things about your blog so far:
    1. Gorgeous yarn pics
    2. Funny captions for whacky patterns and projects
    3. A fellow Assassin’s Creed fan!

  2. I love your upbeatness is that a word? I came over from Ravelry and will be checking back often now.

  3. » If you say nasty things to me or anyone else, you lose your opportunity to enter this give away

    roflol! love it!
    probably jsut my computer at work which has wierd blocking type bugs 😛 but i couldnt see any of the pics :(. i’ll have to check at home to see/virtually pet/lick the screen… 😉
    i’m trying so hard to curate my stash a little so this post made me lol. hey, you can always walk to work and wash dishes by hand ;).

  4. Keep up with all the pictures. I know that I love seeing them whenever i read someone’s blog! I am a bit jealous right now of all your beautiful new yarn.

  5. I like your blog because of all the pretty yarn i got to drool over. You really have some nice eye candy.
    Like you I put off buying or fixing things that need repair. my example would be… do I really need a new tire on my van this month I think maybe it can hold up for several more miles meanwhile….. my creditcard is getting a work out at all my favorite yarn stores.
    I would love to win this book hope i am the lucky lucky girl who gets it.
    Thanks for the give away.

  6. ah! now i’m home i can see the pics…Oh my goodness!!! roflol
    look at all that brava you got girl! you’ve put my stash to shame 😉
    such beautiful yarns and that sock book looks perfect! ENJOY that creative material 😀

  7. I actually just discovered your blog (and unfortunately I can’t remember who pointed me here). In looking around, what I like is that you showcase lots of different types and brands of yarns. I like seeing how “real people” use them

  8. I love how you have so many beautiful photos on your blog to show what you are blogging about. Photos tell it all.

    Thank you for a great giveaway.

  9. Helen! Why don’t you knit with us any more? We are still a wild and crazy bunch.

    You have accquired a lovely selection of yarns here. What an adventure you will have, turning it from yarn to object.

    I would be interested in discussing with you the merits of knitting toe up vs. cuff down socks. I’m a toe up person.

  10. My favorite thing (so far 🙂 is that I’m actually really excited that you picked this particular book for a giveaway and that you say it’s so useful – because I’ve been suspecting that it is – and it’s a book I’ve been wanting to order but wondering if it’s “all that.” Now I’m even more excited for it, so thanks!

  11. In reply to Denise Cook: Denise! Thanks for checking in! I just got out of the habit of Mondays and now I have a bi-weekly conference call on Monday nights. I really want to come and see everyone….. I like knitting socks both toe-up & cuff-down. I’m still quite new to the toe-up technique so I’m not yet as comfy with it, but that will come with more practice; I’m certain it’s just my old lady crankiness that’s in the way. 🙂

  12. In reply to Jennifer Conway: I’m LOVING this book – extremely useful. After the give away, I might do a review of the book either here or on the podcast (if I can ever get the podcast happening again).

  13. In reply to patsy coats: Well I do have my snobby moments/years/lifetimes….ahem. Until about 20 years ago, I didn’t even know there were great yarns around – all I had was Red Heart & Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn and I thought that was the whole “yarniverse”. I’m so happy that I’ve learned otherwise!

  14. In reply to rebeccawip: I have to say it again – Knit Picks has KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK with Brava. It is a wonderful yarn – so good I often forget it’s ACRYLIC. :o)

  15. In reply to shelia duarte: Sheila, I’m really feeling you here. All of those things to be fixed will get done eventually….I just had to decide what was more important: hot water or yarn? As you might surmise from all the pics, I am learning to enjoy cold showers.

  16. In reply to Kim: Thanks Kim. I did leave some yarn out there unbought – plenty in fact! No envy needed; go out and get you some! After all, it’s your unbirthday right?

  17. In reply to rebeccawip: I have to wash dishes by hand in any case for we do not have a dishwasher. If we ever remodel or sell this house, we will get one, but before we had a house, we had apartments all with dishwashers and we never seemed to have any clean dishes. Almost 15 years ago, we got the house sans dishwasher and almost always have clean dishes. I know – we-re weird.

  18. In reply to Lotsofhermies on Rav: Good good good! Glad to have you along, and I really appreciate your comment. I have intermittently suffered from depression since I was a little kid and so upbeatness is something I strive for – not easy in today’s world or even with the husband: Studmuffin tends toward pessimism and cynicism, though he has many other redeeming qualities.

  19. In reply to Heather: I must confess that it is my daughter who is the Assassin’s Creed fan; I find it a little too dark for me. If you enjoy the yarn crimes posts, you MUST check out the “Rose-Kim Knits” blog and her “What the hell is this…..?” on Thursdays. You may notice some overlap(!)….She’s very funny!

    I’m trying to do better pictures all the time – I have an 8.1 megapixel camera in the slightly-retarded phone but it has certain serious flaws – not the least of which is me as the photographer!

  20. In reply to amchart: Glad you are here. I’m definitely aiming for fun most of the time; I do get serious occasionally I will warn you. But overall, I have a deep appreciation for the power of silliness.

  21. In reply to Dragonracer3: Thanks. I do understand that Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” However, if’n you wanna enter the give away on any future posts, you’ll have to write a little more than you have here….I’ll be watching. 🙂

  22. In reply to debbie h: Welcome, welcome! I can’t always promise to have lots of pictures, and I can almost never promise to have good pictures – but I do try.

  23. oh my goodness!!! I love all your pics in this post! It was all I could do not to lick the screen while looking at all this yummalicious yarn. Will definitely be coming back to see the awesomeness your create out of some of these lovely skeins!! Came over through Ravelry, where I’m known as jjlrdomom. 😀

  24. In reply to Monique G.: It is true – I EXCEL at co-dependence. It all began when I was a child……. I’m also an expert at guilt trips by the way, but I save those for family.

  25. Helen, I’m loving your stash pictures, just put up a few of my own. I can always use another book and this is a great place to find out about new and interesting ones that I have not seen……yet!

  26. thank you for the posts, it is encourage to see other people who are just as addicted to yarn as I am!

  27. First visit to your blog and loved all the yarn eye candy! I just saw a review of this book and would really like to win it.

  28. | In reply to Maureen Well, I haven’t boughtevery knitting book published in the last few years (Contrary to what Studmuffin thinks)……..but I *have*


    to do it without malnourishing the famdamily and having the lights cut off. They get so SURLY when that happens……

  29. Loving the new yarn! The millions of colors of Brava is quite a sight. When you buy the Cream, remember to buy enough yarn to get free shippping, or you are losing money, right?

    What do I like about your blog? There’s quite a bit. I think I would mention first and foremost–your enthusiasm for blogging. You really show a joy for blogging.

    Miss you!

  30. Love the yarn pictures here! I was wondering about the cast on bind off book. I was looking at getting it on my kindle. Glad to see it have a good review.

  31. I love that even if we don’t have your awesome presence on knit nights, we still have wonderful contact with you.

  32. I found you on the Skanky Knitters group in Ravelry. Nice blog! LOVE the pics & fun yarns. 🙂 Drooling now. Looking forward to checking back with you in the future!

  33. Hi Helen. I’ve read your blog before but never commented. Today I joined WordPress so I could comment (and have a chance to win the book).
    I love you, your writing, your music, your pictures of all the yummy yarns, the afghan your mom didn’t love, your Jane Austin Knits Mag, and your delightful sense of humor!

  34. Reply to Beth C.: Thanks so much, Beth. I really do miss you folks. I’m hoping to start coming back out on Mondays in the fall….hopefully my schedule will be more open by then!

  35. I love all the yummy pics of yarn you share! You open up so many ideas for me with the things I see on your blog! Thanks for being here!

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