Happy birthday, Yarn Harlot!

A few days ago (June 4), the Yarn Harlot wrote a wonderful post on her blog about procrastination. You should go and read it. I’ll wait….


The last bit of the post says:

(PS. The astute among you will notice straight off what it took me 20 minutes to clue in to. I am now procrastinating by talking about procrastinating and trying to engage in a conversation about procrastination. I hate myself.)

and I just had to write a comment to her about it, even tho’ she ALREADY has fiftyleven hundred comments. Here’s what I said:

Ok, I know I’m days late on this one, but a little voice inside me says that you read all the comments every time…..if it isn’t true, please don’t tell me. :o)

I am DISTRESSED that you said you hate yourself. I KNOW you were being funny mostly, but it still distresses me because YOU said on your blog a few months ago (and it made you my HERO forever) and I loved it so much that I wrote it out on a pretty piece of paper in my best handwriting and put on my wall in the middle of my DIY loopy wire wreath where I hang most of my beloved collection of earrings, right where I would see it everyday….

You said:

“I have no time for self-loathing today.”

Again, I KNOW you were being funny mostly…but that sentence has changed my life.  Thank you.

Today is the Yarn Harlot’s birthday. In lieu of a gift, I will donate thru her site  to Doctors Without Borders, and I will double the amount because June 14th is also the birthday of my dear sister-in-law, Barbara.

And to you, dear friends,

I wish you a whole life of having NO time for self loathing.