Chicago sojourn & “Soon” is a relative term….

……I guess “soon” in comparison to geologic times. Truly I am collecting many photos of various crimes against yarn for your horror/enjoyment or whatever. MY problem is my calendar; it has ganged up on me somehow (I think they must mate/reproduce in the corner when we’re away or asleep). For the last six weeks I’ve been extraORDINARily busy; I feel like my calendar took me outside the joint and worked me over until I’m barely breathing!

Still, I have a new keyboard and that definitely helps.

AND if you happen to be anywhere near Chicago this Memorial Day weekend, you should absolutely come and hear this concert:

A skein of Wollmeise to anyone who can spot me in the above picture!*

I hope to take just a little time whilst in Chicago to visit a yarn store……..maybe.   Oh yeah and I’ll be doing a groovy thing in June in Nashville on June 2nd. Stay tuned.

Yarn crimes….SOON.


*That’s a joke, y’all. No Wollmeise giveaways here.  :o)


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