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YARN CRIMES! They’ve been building up for a while now…. your patience will be rewarded. :o)     Now I’m tired/sleepy and my sinuses are bothering me big time – neither of which contribute to comedy, so waiting is in order.

-I get to go to breakfast in the morning with one of my dearest friends, so that’s lovely.

-I’ve ordered all of  tomato starts for the garden – all grown organically and within a 2.5 hr. drive from here; 15 different varieties in all, I planted 32 pots of various things this week (including 2 giant pumpkins for the front yard), plus I fixed the hose the right way this time so now can properly water the cosmos & zinnia seed/seedlings in the front. More gardening happening this weekend…..

-No.1 Son got a part-time job yesterday. Thank you Lord.

-Oh YEAH!  Today is the third anniversary of my mitral valve heart surgery.  The wonderful old organ is bonging away just like it should, I remember to take my meds 99% of the time and life is good. Yep, I need to take more exercise and lose a whole lot of my excess “insulation” but I am grateful for ev’ry breath. All the glory be to God!

-The yarn came in to finish the baby blanket for Blythe and I can go to Pensacola to give it to her!  Here’s the link to the conference:

And there are 7 of us from New Jubilee who will be attending, so we will sing (i.e. take over) during one of the devotions. I am very glad!

-Bobby Aazami, who was so effin’ hilarious at the last conference, won’t be in attendance this time because he just got MARRIED!  I am so happy for him – I could really explode into fireworks and rainbows. Here’s a link to his & Fiona’s most beautiful day:

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