A Quickie

My ‘puter isn’t running very smoothly today, & I have an annoying head cold so I have even less patience than usual.  And now the cat wants my attention and is shedding buckets full of her fine fluffy fur.  Yay.

I had planned to write a proper post about my newest socks but since the Universe is conspiring against me today,  I’ll post a few pics (crappy phone pictures no less) of my latest yarn acquisition.

Lovely merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn

Same skein, different view

Same skein, different view. I especially love that wine colored bit....

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  1. I’m having the computer problems, too, but am hopeful for a quick and painless fix up at Technology Recycling Center. They have ordered the part that we hope will fix it. I hope today’s rain washes away some pollen and helps your head cold.

    Curl up with that lovely mcn and make something lovely just for you today!

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