Howdy y’all! Pictures of YARN!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. There’s lots of reasons…..but I won’t bore you with all that. Just file it under “Depressive Episode” I guess and we’ll move on.

TODAY is a lovely day and I got YARN in de mail. Wanna see? I have some crappy phone pictures for you…… :o)


The yarn is from Knit Picks and it is their new 100% acrylic line called “Brava”  This is the bulky weight – I’m making a baby blankey; yes,  another one!  The lighter green is ‘peapod’ and the darker one is called ‘Dublin’.  I also got this:
This is….sock yarn!  Quelle surprise, n’est-ce pas? It is their Stroll Hand-Painted  in the now-discontinued color of “Nevermore”.  I couldn’t pass it up – I have a little Edgar Allen Poe thing…… I *did* take another, much better picture but I couldn’t seem to get it up loaded.

All for now!



  1. So sorry you have been experiencing such difficulties, Helen. I miss you, and hope things take a turn for the better for you soon!

    Oooh! New Yarn! What do you think of the Brava? More babies?!? It’s epidemic, eh? I love the colors of all of your new yarn. Do you have plans for your Nevermore?

  2. I’m loving the Brava!!! It’s really really good. KnitPicks hit it out of the park with this yarn. I think the Nevermore is gonna marinate in the stash for a bit. I’m a pair behind in my KAL….. & I’m yearning to re-start my Damask……and I just got a sweater pattern that I love! I will make it out of Brava first I think, but I have to finish 2 or 3 WiP’s first. 😦

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