Post rescued: Draggin’, what’s going on and severe blog neglect

I recovered the post I was writing when the “CRASH! BANG!” happened.  It isn’t complete but I wanted you to have it anyway ‘cos I love you.

How are you?  I know; it’s been like for-evah!  Too busy, too busy and crazy-busy is what’s been happening with me.  And some other stuff too.  Since the husband & the chilluns are not here this evening (happens too rarely), I can share.  Here’s some in bullet point form:

  • I could really use a new computer keyboard. This one keeps on messing up and messing up. It’s hard enough to find time to write; even harder to find time to edit stoopid mistakes.
  • Automobile follies.  We keep our cars until they cannot be fixed. My fabulous Toyo is 15 years old and DH’s Saturn is 12 years old so they need some babying and there’s no $ to do it with….mainly because…
  • No. 1 Son has flunked out of college for the 3rd time AND his Dear Fiancee got royally screwed over by her new employer and so now does not have a job – so we are feeding them & paying their rent.  It could be worse…..but whatever cash there was after bills and such is now going to them.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race season #4 has begun!  They are so funny and wonderful – FASCINATIN’! Several seriously wonderful queens….but I think Sharon Needles is my top fave.


  1. Ack! Technology Recycling Center is great! They really came through for us last month with our computer woes. What type connection do you require for your keyboard? We might have one for you.

    I’m so sorry. Answers in these situations are neither simple nor easy. I’m keeping you all in prayer.

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