Musings: I very much admire….

….the First Lady of the United States – Michelle Robinson Obama. I had a lot of time driving around today to and fro, and was thinking a lot about her strength & grace.

And then I got home, and the first copy of the “More” magazine I’ve ever received (a dear friend gave me a subscription for my birthday) has her on the cover and a good story within.  I haven’t known a whole lot about her; I have heard her speak on tv twice – very impressive! I think about how her family is in harm’s way…..and how she’s blazing this trail in such an amazing way – so amazing that the media have had very little to pick apart. Yeah, she’s a good’un.



  1. Hi Helen! I admire her, too. I think I missed that article, though. I should just subscribe and get it over with, LOL.

    I love to see them interviewed together. There was one I saw recently that had a picture of her with an unusual look on her face and him next to her, cracking up. The article explained that she had just been pretending to be a majorette, throwing up a baton and catching it behind her back.

    But I don’t think that sense of humor is the secret to their marriage’s success. I think it’s him singing “Let’s Stay Together!” 🙂

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