Can’t sleep…it must be time to write!

I have been shockingly neglectful of my wonderful readers as of late; I’m sorry.  I think of you daily, but opportunities to write have come rather seldom in the last two months.   Since my computer is in the kitchen/dining area, the modest peacefulness I need to get my thoughts together has been nearly impossible to find here at the zoo/ Chez Oney.

I woke up about 45 minutes ago – hot, hot, HOT!  It’s about 30% hormones, 20% the heat wasn’t turned down at bedtime like usual and 50% the cat sleeping on my head. I adore my cat and generally I like it that she has decided to sleep up on my pillow instead at my feet where I can alternately not move whilst falling asleep so I won’t disturb her or seriously disturb her by kicking her in my sleep. However, as the night deepens, she has a tendency to curl herself around the top of my head and I get overheated.  It’s a nice problem to have: she purrs, is very fluffy and still smells like soap. So I put on a little jazz and settle into the keyboard.

Some knitting content(pictures will be added in the next 24 hours):

  • A hat for the Duke of Curl’s best friend. His birthday was 12/2 – I finished this on 12/23.  I enjoyed doing this and I think I might make one for myself at some point.

Kali the cat shows her usual contempt for photos & knitting.

  • Lovers’ mittens for the newlyweds.  Still in progress; about 2/5 done.  The wedding was New Year’s Eve – I plan to get this done by the end on the month and mailed off

    It's further along than this...but you get the idea.


  • Hat for the Duke of Curl – he wants cables. I got it about 40% done, had him try it on – TOO TIGHT!  Had to frog back to the ribbing, then went up 3 needle sizes.
  • I had planned to make a bunch of mittens for nieces and nephews for Christmas; still haven’t made any.
  • Had started a few Bandana cowls for my best girlfriends in NH and VT.  Now I’m aiming for the end of February
  • My birthday is in December, so I got myself a few skeins in a Sundara “grab bag”; SO lovely.  And my friend brought me some Wollmeise from her business trip to Germany. Yay!

I messed around to try to get near the colors. FAIL.

  • I will be seeing my friend to whom I had promised the “Naval Knockoff”  sweater (for 11/11) in April, so I gotta get crackin’; I have only a tiny bit done ! She called me last night out of the blue – it was so good to hear her voice!
  • I am still planning on making: the Aran afghan for Chez Oney, mittens for No. 1 Son’s fiance, mittens & a cardigan sweater for me, a second “Naval Knockoff” for another friend, an afghan in yellow for another dear friend, mitts for dad, socks for Studmuffin……I already have yarn for all of these.
  • The Yarn Harlot made things all year long for people so that her Christmas knitting wasn’t so crazy; this is something I must try!
  • Completely lost my mojo for hexipuffs. Maybe during the summer……
  • I bought no yarn on our holiday travels though I did come close.  I was at a crafts supply store in Roanoke, VA and almost got some for a project I have planned for my dad. I decided not to get the yarn because it wasn’t anything I couldn’t get at home easily, which I did buy at Jo-Ann Fabrics this past week. (on sale y’all)

We’ve had a bit of a time with our cars – they are good and reliable but are aging and then one car was in a COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE ACCIDENT (I’m trying to let go of it – not very successfully I might add!) which was expen$ive in a BIG way for us.  So I’m back on the yarn diet and I hope to keep it for the ENTIRE YEAR . I don’t think that will be too painful now that I have access to the stash, plus a dear friend gave me a gift certificate to my LYS for my birthday, so if I get really itchy for new yarn, I can use that.

Am planning this spring/summer’s garden!  And am getting back into sewing. I may write a little about the sewing, and I will DEFINITELY write about the gardening.

My phone is charging right now so that’s why the delay on photos. Should have them up by 1/17 (up 1/18!).  Time to try to go back to sleep (I’m yawning right now. yay!).

So how are you?  I LOVE getting comments. 🙂

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  1. I’m super jealous of your Wollmeise gift. Now, that’s a good friend!
    Last year I started my Christmas knitting in May. Of course, I still wasn’t finished until December. But at least there was no last minute craziness. I’m definitely going to try a do that again this year.

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