Curating the collection: the stash returns!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me: sunny and quite breezy, about 65 degrees F.  A great day for airing out the woolen stash.

Of COURSE the sun is shining!

Moths whose larvae like to eat wool just LOVE it when you leave the wool alone in the dark for many months, so it’s a good idea to take it out into the sunshine every six months or so and move it all around.  However, it is DANGEROUS for me to take it all out like this, because then Studmuffin is HORRIFIED at how much is actually in the stash.  This is about 7/8ths of the woolen stash; I was too much of a coward to take the rest out. The non-woolen stash is about 1/16th of this amount.

Noro Kureyon (and other somewhat less expensive lovelies) for a future Lizard Ridge afghan

There wasn’t nearly as much moth damage as I feared – it has been almost a year!

And Studmuffin was very circumspect in his comments.  He asked, “So how much was all this?”

"This?" I asked - with my heart in my mouth.

“Yes, this,” he said, looking directly at me.

I said, “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm….”

“Did all this,” he asked slowly,”cost as much as we paid for ….fixing the car?”*

“Oh NO!!!” I said in my best Eric Idle voice. A big smile, a slight pause, and then – “It was more than that!”

He laughed.

The sock yarns more or less sorted....

In my defense, it has taken 20 years or so to amass this amount, though I did notice he didn’t ask how much of it was recently acquired……which is probably a good thing. And I am very proud to say that the sweater amounts pictured below, every last beautiful inch of yarn, was bought while on sale for at least 50% off, with some as much as 85% off. So there. I bought the yarn for his “75% done sweater” at full price……

Enough for 9 BIG (my size) sweaters

Still, he helped me get it all packed away as it was getting dark.  I love him – he’s a good man.

I frogged two old projects, and threw out my very oldest yarn (at LEAST 30 years old) because of the moth damage. Actually, I did not THROW it out – I composted it.  I also gave the cat the moth-eaten beginning to a Hemlock Ring blanket from 2007. It’s STILL gorgeous and I am absolutely gonna make one for Mom….after Christmas.

I was very much hoping that I had the right colors/amount of fingering weight yarn for a certain wedding present I wanted to cast on, but no.

So today, I went to Yarn Expressions….and bought some yarn.  Yay!
* A little more than $800 USD