Good things come to those who clean the garage!

Oh! My stash! How I’ve missed you….there will be photos…..There’s still LOADS of work to be done yet.

And I finally got to give away the Mystery gift to its intended recipient:

Ms. Sarah finally got to get “Miss Lavinia” to take home.  She will of course give her a new name in time (I didn’t tell Sarah her interim name.  :o).

"Miss Lavinia" cools herself by the fan....

Y'all, I really am NOT a painter, so I am alternately VERY proud of how this turned out and PATHETICALLY grateful that the painting gods didn't let me mess this up!

At the moment, I’m quite enthusiastic about:

  • ukeleles – we used to have three cheapo ones around here that have all been destroyed by the chilren; I’m really missing them. In fact, there’s some uke Christmas music that’s really grown on me – it’s begging me to download it. The sound of the uke is just so hopeful to me somehow.
  • PG Tips Limited Edition tea made in my mini-teapot. It’s really REALLY good. Come over sometime and we’ll share some.
  • Live365 on-line radio & Jango – type in an artist you like and they give you a “station” that plays it and other music by artists ya ain’t never heard of but are great! Try this one: Renaissance Studio Radio
  • Short rows – all my projects seem to have them at the moment, and I’m learning so many new techniques. I love it. Oh and Cat Bordhi is a flippin’ genius!
  • World Market – they gave me $10 because this is my birthday month. Yay!
  • Sewing – as the knitting stash gets unearthed, so does all the fabric.  And I’m jonesing to make myself a new woolen winter coat.
  • Podcasting – I got a couple of LOVELY emails from listeners. I’m starting work on the next Spirited Knitting podcast – should be done by Thursday. :o)

Off to go air out ze stash!