Optimus Prime COMETH!

My daughter, the Force of Nature, has been working FEVERishly for the last 2 months on her Halloween costume.  This is her last year of homeschooling and she has taken full advantage (and perhaps a bit more) of her more relaxed school schedule to create this:

Out in front of home base.

She did it ALL, the duct tape, the spray paint, the hot glue, even the wiring for the 8 little blue LEDs on her visor. You can see them better in this blurry photo:

Inside the workshop (aka the living room)

I’m very proud of her, and she was quite the celebrity at the Mall on Halloween. She didn’t get much in the way of candy and her lower back was quite sore all day yesterday, but how can that compare to the adulation of the crowd and dozens of photo ops?……Ahhhhhh, one more of the last bits of childhood for my youngest child is passing maybe.  Still, I think it’s a good thing. She is FULL of WIN.


In other news, the recording is done for my first podcast! All I gotta do is the editing and uploading – hopefully done by the weekend. I’m getting a bit excited about it.   Stay tuned – “same Bat Time – same Bat channel” as they used to say.


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