Stash Enhancements [many photos]


As I said in the last post, I have gone off my yarn diet in a big way, and now I have the photos to prove it. Please do NOT think I did this all at once – it has taken me almost a month of getting things on sale to accumulate all of these.  And it has been FUN!

A note about the pictures – I’m using my phone; it’s supposed to take really great photos (8+ megapixels – come on!), and it occasionally does but ya wouldn’t know it from this selection of pics.  I really am trying to get better at this, I swear!~

Shelridge Farm’s Blue Faced Leicester sock yarn for Studmuffin’s first handknit pair. It’s a very dark heathered green.  LOVELY feel. And a beyootifool project bag as a Halloween bonus from Simply Socks.

I’m not a COMPLETE yarn snob – here’s some Lion brand yarn – it’ll probably become hats for general use around here.  Bought on SALE tho’ locally from one of THOSE stores. :::::sniff sniff:::::.

I hit a pretty good sale at – I couldn’t pass up all this  sock yarn on sale now could I? Especially since I had another 10% off coupon I needed to use before it expired….

I’m not sure what this one will be yet, but I want to wear only handknit socks from now on so this skein seemed like a good bet.

Regia came out with a number of colorways in honor of last year’s World Cup. I guess it wasn’t as popular as they’d hoped with knitters, but their loss is my gain! Above is the colorway “Paris” and below is “Brazil”

I got all 7 of those skeins for $40.00 and that included free shipping.  Yay!

Now this next grouping came from a Local Yarn Store: Yarn Expressions.All this bunch was on sale, and  since I’m making hexipuffs I decided they needed to go home with me.

The above is something I HAD to buy – I’d promised myself 3 weeks earlier if this amazing skein of Madeleinetosh Pashmina in “Flashdance” was still there the next time, I would get it. It was so I did. My photo comes nowhere NEAR to the actual color – it seems to glow from within, I swear. And it’s so so soft…I think this will be a cowl for ME.

I wanted to try this and it isn’t very expensive so I did. I was not terribly impressed with the color range…..

This is my very first skein of Koigu PPPM I’ve ever gotten for ME. It won’t be the last…..

Then on to the books & magazines (MORE yarn in a minute!):

I have all the Knitting Traditions that have been published so far – they’re good, and I like this British magazine.

I promised Studmuffin I would buy NO MORE SOCK BOOKS until I had made all 20+ styles in this book.  It’s great!  I love it, I’m absolutely gonna do it – I’m working on a pair from this book right now….


Yup – a book that I’ve wanted since publication because one of the authors is my favorite, Charlene Schurch.  That’s like a 65% discount y’all.  That has to be the cosmos telling me to get it, right?

Then a few days later I realized that I did NOT have the book below – I thought I had got it since the title is very similar to another book I do have….

Too amazing to pass up. What’s the fascination with sock books?  Well, socks and mittens are related and I am crazy about mittens…..
Now from Webs in Massachusetts:  The Duke of Curl has shorn off his lovely blue curls and now needs hats.  He chose this color (above). He said he liked the purple-y bits.    :o)

These visions of loveliness were on closeout and they called my name. In for a penny, in for a pound I say.

The Duke of Curl also said he’d like a deep green hat maybe. That’s good, because Studmuffin would like that too.  And this yarn is mostly alpaca so how can I go wrong?

Last, but certainly NOT least was today’s haul at the NEW LYS, Fiber Work Art. I went there today with a serious fiber friend and the Force of Nature. The Force played with the dog mostly, and my friend and I bought yarn that we do NOT need, but definitely wanted. If some cash falls from the sky, I will go back to get MORE.100% alpaca has become one of my favorite fibers to knit. I tried to get the real color but to no avail. In real life, this skein is much greyer and more purple than shown here.

More sock yarn, yep. I ***so*** miss my stash!  I must get it back out in the open before I do any more to add to it.

My second ever skein of Koigu for me.  I’m getting so selfish in my cronehood.  Where’s my purple hat? Or is is supposed to be red?  I can’t remember doggone it.
THIS beautiful thing came in the ***mail*** from the lovely Nina at Fiber Art Work. LOVE! LOVE!LOVE!


That’s all for the moment. ::::grin::::


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  1. I think of it not so much as stash enhancement as it is building a new stash as the former is unavailable right now ; )

    I have a lovely bit of fluff from Nina that I hope to get on the wheel in the next day or so.

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