I miss my stash…

It’s been in the garage for many months now, with loads of stuff piled on top so I cannot get to it. It’s why I’ve been going off my yarn diet. :o)

Yup, every week for the last three I’ve bought yarn, either in person or online.  AND I bought a couple of books and a couple of magazines.  SEE? I *told* you I’ve been a bad monkey!

But there has been knitting too. I KNOW!  Actual knitting content here -too amazing!

The Spare Baby Blanket is done.

Made out of Caron’s SPA yarn.

I won’t buy this yarn again ever:  way, way WAY too splitty. Truly, it is amazing that the blanket looks as good as it does, this yarn splits so badly.  I don’t think I can give this blanket as a gift to a friend; it’s just not up to snuff.  I’ll probably give it to the Salvation Army or sell it in our yard sale….if that event ever takes place. I may even THROW away the rest of the yarn.  I know – I’ll give it to the Force of Nature as “string”.  Ah, yes – that’s the solution. I’ll have to cast on another spare Baby blankie soon…..

Next up, the Big Kahuna Shrug.

First, Boris is the model:

And then I am:

Made out of some Wal-Mart crochet cotton.

Once I had the chart for this, it went very fast. Comfy to wear, throw it in the washing machine easy, & it covers the “Bingo wings” .  You should definitely make one. Thanks to the Force of Nature for taking the pictures.

I’ll do stash enhancement pics tomorrow/later, but I wanna show you just one more FO:

the Ubertook

For STudmuffin. :0)

Made out of Classic Elite Yarns MountainTop Vail – double stranded.

This is a beautiful yarn – alpaca and bamboo – lightweight and WARM!  I’ll find something else to make out of this – a lovely knitting experience. AND he has actually worn it – TWICE.

I will be making several more hats in the coming weeks: the Duke of Curl has shorn off his mountain of blue hair, and now that it’s getting chilly, his ginormous head gets cold. What else can I do?




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  1. Nah, bad is what you might be if you could not get your hands on any yarn. Besides, look at the productivity! You’re putting me to shame.

    The baby blanket looks good. The colors are great! I know that you see flaws in it, but perhaps you are just being overly critical. If you have not given it a good dunk, you might try that and see if you like it better then.

    Boris is a fabulous model, but you look better in your new cowl. That is such a lovely accessory.

    You are sure to have much love with the hat-knitting. I’m glad to read that the alpaca/bamboo blend gave a nice knitting experience. I had wondered about that. This is kind of a rough time of year to be doing the shaving of the head. Are you allowing input in pattern/yarn/color choice, or are you knitting what appeals to you?

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