A secret project…shhhhhh

Yup, I’m finishing a project….Hey! Stop laughing! I do *occasionally* finish things. I cannot put up pictures just yet for 2 reasons:

1) the recipient reads my blog every once in a while, and

2) there are no batteries in the camera and I’m still having trouble taking a good picture withe my stupid smartphone.

This almost-completed project is NOT actual knitting, it’s more knitting – related or perhaps might even be called an accessory or a peripheral. The thing is: I’m HUGELY proud of how well it has turned out, especially when one considers my nearly total lack of talent and experience in this other craft. What’s groovy is that I should be done with it AND hope to have given it away by Friday, so then I can show you all!

NOW I have a question for you, my wonderful readers:  I work in radio and I have thought many, many times about doing a podcast over the last six years, and I’m really feeling the pull now.  The content will be different than the blog, though certainly just as eclectic, and my plan is to continue blogging while beginning the podcast.  I have plenty of equipment, tho’ fabulous sound quality won’t be my highest priority right at first.  HERE’S THE QUESTION(S): Would you want a podcast from me?  Are there too many knitting related podcasts out there already?

I listen to a lot of podcasts – I love them.  But there are many times I am listening and I think to myself, “I could do better….”  In fact, for a short time a year ago, I was in discussions with a big media firm from Chicago and the National Baha’i Center about doing a weekly Baha’i podcast which sounded scary but exciting.  The biggest challenge was figuring out how to do it really, really well with no budget and no time….so it didn’t happen.  I feel kind of ready to do something on my own (not representing the Baha’is of North America!  Too much responsibility for me….).  I’m thinking I could get together something decent/worth listening to once a month.  I think once a month is sustainable…..There’s a podcaster who produces really really good shows but she’s erratic in the last year and a half and that bugs me, especially since one time after a several month podcasting pause, she complained that she wasn’t receiving nearly as many comments as she used to…well, DUH! I *almost wrote* a nasty comment on her website about that – but I didn’t.  I swore off her podcast after that, but her shows are SO good that whenever she puts a new one up, I listen.*  Perhaps unfortunately, I’m not aiming for that kind of excellence. If I do this, my podcast will be like me: eclectic, opinionated and silly.  If the sainted Elizabeth Zimmerman hadn’t used “The Opinionated Knitter” as a book title, it would be my podcast title. And I will sing on the thing.

So gentle readers, here’s a chance for you to have yer say: should I or shouldn’t I?  Put it all in the comments.

By the way, I will have actual photos of my knitting in de blog by Friday (barring a natural disaster). I promise.

I love you.  :o)


* I’m not dumb enough to put the name of that podcast into this post, but I’ll give you a hint: she refers to her audience as “knit-sibs”.


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  1. YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!! You should TOTALLY do a podcast. I think you should do a knitting/ blues-y podcast! I miss hearing your voice.

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