This blog pause brought to you by…….

….apathy and ennui.

No. no really. Just got caught up in the daily drama, of which there has been plenty in quantity, but picayune in nature.
Will somebody PLEEZE give my oldest son a JOB? I need him out of the house ‘coz he needs to be outta the house and doing something.

Meanwhile, back in my wonky brain – I’ve been thinking of some things. Got any opinions, y’all? Please put them in the comments, puh-leeze.

  • The Force of Nature has asked me to audition for the TV singing competition – “The Voice”. I’m on the fence about it.
  • I’ve been knitting and ripping back a shawl.  Instead of thrilling all y’all with the details, I thought I might write some knitting book reviews. What do you think?
FYI – I started writing this on June 25th!

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