Briefs for Wednesday

I need to plant some...Boris loves to eat them.

Been traveling and stuff, so this has been a 2 week blog pause.   My thoughts are scattered, so I will take a page out of Adrienne’s book and do some briefs as an update!

  • Apparently this is a boom year for ticks!  Yuck.  Just found another one…I won’t say where.  Fortunately not the kind that spread Lyme Disease
  • My dear friend Corinne is getting married in August.  Started a shawl on tiny needles with tiny yarn – but will have to frog because it’ll wind up too small. Poopies.

This is the front....

This is the back.


  • STILL haven’t cleaned the garage.
  • HOT! HOT!HOT! Am very grateful for air conditioning. 5 window units is enough finally…
  • Sang with a wonderful choir in Chicago (Wilmette – actually) over Labor Day weekend. Such a thrill and a marvelous reunion.
  • Went camping in Kentucky with Studmuffin & the Force of Nature here.  It was lovely and fun. Met so many lovely folk and a tiny turtle.
  • STILL not sewing. ARRGHHH!
  • Decided not to do a garden this year….but I am really missing it. :o(
  • No. 1 Son is having great difficulty in finding work.  Anybody got some for him? He needs a job ASAP and I need him to get out of my house.
  • The choir has a name: the New Jubilee Baha’i Gospel Choir…and the interim website is coming along.
  • The new phone is great but the data charges are costly!  And the old phone got pushed into a glass of milk by the cat (don’t ask how) so I’ve gotta dry it out to try to get all the phone numbers.
  • Been reading Hooper Dunbar’s most recent book: Forces of our Time. EXCELLENT! I will have to re-read at least 3 more times to start really understanding it.

    This is a great book.

  • Haven’t done thing one to plan for family vaca next month in New Hampshire except say that I’m going to my 25th High School Reunion. WHAT will I wear????

Where we'll be. AHHHH!

  • The Duke of Curl has been lifeguarding away at his first job.  I bought a new swimsuit especially to get in some laps.  I have not YET gotten in the pool.
  • I may need to pay a personal trainer.  Isn’t that sad?!
  • I have completely lost my cooking mojo. Could it be the heat?
  • Have you ever tried EFT?  I don’t know how it works or even if it works but I feel better afterwards.
  • My sis-in-law was in Ghana for a couple of weeks. Read about it in the FuFU CHronicles!

Leigh tries her hand at making Fufu.

  • I need homegrown tomatoes….STAT!
I promise real posts soon….. maybe I’ll even talk about India (ok, stop laughing!).


  1. That lake could be from my childhood, Helen. How I miss inland lakes. These pseudo-river-lake-things we have here just aren’t the same.

  2. You threw me off when you said “sang over Labor Day”-that hasn’t happened yet this year, has it? Mom

  3. That is a beautiful shawl and would look lovely on her.I was happy to meet Corinne at the choral festival. Love, Mom

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