You might wanna sit down first…

…because there is actual knitting content in this post! Amazing innit?  I know *I* feel dizzy, but that’s pretty usual for me.

First off – I did NOT make this sweater for the Force of Nature – a wonderful knitter in Massachusetts did it for me!  She did a fantabulous job- Her finishing work absolutely kicks my butt.

Ravelry project page

The Force of Nature was not terribly interested in having a good photo taken of herself in the sweater….::::sigh:::: No surprise there – she’s just turned thirteen years old a month ago (the same day the tornadoes came through!).

There are many more but I’ll spare you  all the drama…..  It will fit her for probably a couple of years and it’s machine washable.  Anisa, I thank you so much.

Next, we have a little crochet project that I finished just today – a steering wheel cover for Big Sarah. This was very very easy and I wonder why I’d never done this before.  Here’s the cover before I sewed it onto the steering wheel:

Ravelry project link

And after I put it onto the steering wheel:

No more sizzling fingers for me!

Now here are a few pics of the ENORMOUS socks I made for the Duke of Curl (he turned SIXTEEN years old last week.  He will have his driver’s license very soon.  I can’t even think about that or I’ll have to go lie down.).

Ravelry project link

They’ve been worn a lot and washed/dried at least twice and they look great.  The fit is not terrific, but I frogged these things at LEAST 4 times and I ain’t doing anymore.  Folks, this is tiny yarn knit tightly on on US size ZERO needles for size THIRTEEN feet.  I didn’t knit for a WHILE after I finished these – it was like knitting a sweater but not as much fun.  The colors are great tho’.

Last but not least, this scarf I’ve been procrastinating about for a year now.  It’s for one of my dearest friends. I will see her this weekend in Chicago – YAY!  I’m almost done with it – I may make another one but perhaps not out of sock yarn – that’s a LOT of d#$% stitches.

Ravelry project link

And I do think Boris makes a wonderful model……Natasha wanted in on the gig for some reason.

So very dashing!

Now the batteries are low in the camera, and I’m tryna get ready to go to a singing thing in Chicago this next weekend, so that’s it fer now; happy knitting to u all!



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