This blog pause has been brought to you by…..

Rather dramatic WEATHER! Or haven’t you heard…? It was the Force of Nature’s 13th birthday, and she was NOT happy! A rather inauspicious beginning, but we’ve tried to make up for it.

Anyway, we sustained no damage and no injuries but some extended power outages, so we de-camped to my parents’ place in southwestern Virginia; even the doggies came with us! They were so good riding in the van for soooo long – the children weren’t NEARLY so good….

Anyway, we’re back, school is open again, the power is on and we are grateful. Now, here are some links for you:

Now this Sunday is MOTHER’S Day. Be nice to her if she’s living; say prayer for her if she’s not.

It’s not easy being a mom….heck say a prayer for her if she’s alive, and then, if yer inclined, say one for me!

Happy Mother’s Day a few days early.


  1. I don’t see any links. Very good that you’re safe, it seems so crazy following on the heels of that storm in St. Louis- I remember a commentator say that storm was a once-in-a-summer event. Then came Alabama. Crazy. Chin up!

  2. Try it again. I was interrupted by my life (those pesky kids!) while writing the post, and I published it anyway. The kids are off to the movies with Daddy and I got to finish the post. 🙂

    I think we will continue to see weather that is out of the norm for the rest of our lives unfortunately. I think about that every time I drive my car……..

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