2 years out

I thought I’d give an update since it’s been a little more than 2 years since my open heart surgery. I had originally started writing this post six months after my heart surgery….but never finished it. The long & short of it is:

I’m fine!

I take some aspirin everyday as well as a beta blocker and I will probably have to take both of those for the rest of my life as a precaution, but other than that –  I’m really good. Blood pressure is fine, heart rate is good, no shortness of breath – menopause has been much harder to take than the aftermath of heart surgery!I just need to lose a bunch of weight, but that was true before the surgery.

One last thing – and especially if you are female – PLEASE get your heart checked!  Almost any pain ABOVE THE WAIST can be an indication of heart trouble, even when you are in your twenties!!!!!  By and large, doctors frequently misdiagnose heart trouble in women – the symptoms are different than for men and vary widely from woman to woman – or miss it all together, and studies have shown that docs are less likely to really listen to women, and especially women of color.  My doctors, who are GOOD doctors, told me for almost a YEAR that I had asthma and a small heart murmur – nothing to worry about.  If I had not keep coming back to them and telling them to look harder, I WOULD BE DEAD ALREADY.

Thank you to everyone who has asked about how I’m doing these days, and a very special surge of my gratitude goes out to everyone who has ever prayed for me.



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