Knit bummer

Am working on these socks for the Duke of Curl’s enormous feet. Men’s size 13.

Ravelry link to project

So I’d turned the heels on both and was in the home stretch. Tried them on the boy – TOO LONG! Frogged back to the instep. Grrrrr. AND no pictures ‘cos the Force of Nature took the batteries out of my camera.



  1. The great things with 2-at-a-time is that 1) when I’m done, I have a pair of socks – I don’t have to go and knit another one – no “second sock syndrome”, and 2) I don’t have to keep notes about how long I made anything – when I do something to one, I do to the other. So the socks I make this way are much more like “identical twins”, rather than “siblings” or eeewp! “cousins”.

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