Sweet Sally Melville! Actual knitting content!

Since the battery was dead in the van which made it impossible to go visit my dear friend and knit, I’ll post about some of my latest knitting accomplishments and projects.

I did a LOT of knitting for Christmas. Unfortunately, I did NOT get photos of most of the finished objects. My camera was missing! I did find it whilst looking for something else, and then forgot to bring it on our Family Holiday Visit Trip – a little over 2 weeks in WV and VA.

Here is one that has a pretty good picture I think – “The Man Scarf” for one of my brothers-in-law.

Made out of Rowan’s Cashsoft Aran yarn – he really liked it!

A really cute hat for my 3 year old fashonista niece in her favorite colors:

Made out of Stonehedge Fiber Mill‘s most excellent worsted Shepherd’s Wool.   Beautiful colors, soft hand, great yardage for the price. You should really try some of this yarn!!!

Next: another hat for another brother-in-law – Jared Flood’s “Turn A Square” out of Cascade 220 and Noro Kureyon.

It seemed a little big to me, but it fit him perfectly. WIN!
Another nephew got Jared Flood’s “Habitat” out of Cascade 220 Paints – it was kind of a pain to do, but it turned out rather well I think.

My newest sister-in-law got this hat- a free pattern called “Zportz“:

She’s from the Phillippines and is always cold. I hadn’t intended to make this hat at all; I was using like seriously inexpensive yarn; what I call “trash yarn” and just trying it out, but it was so much fun I couldn’t stop.  It turned out SO well I decided to give it as a gift. She really liked it since that acid green is her fave color.  I’ll be making this one again definitely.

We’re getting near the end – no worries!

This scarf was for No. 1 Son’s girlfriend – this is an “in progress” shot – I so wish I’d gotten a “finished picture”. I think it turned out really beautifully.

3 colors of Malabrigo “Rasta” done in lengthwise garter stitch.  It was really hard to give away. I’m using some of the leftovers and another skein to make myself a kind of big funky cowl- we’ll see how it turns out.

Lastly, I made these mittens for me as part of my procrastination against the Damask shawl KAL, and then gave them to a friend I ran into the very day I finished them.  It’s ok – I’ll make more.

The pattern is “Tallulah’s Heart” by Jorid Linvik.

Made out of Red Heart’s Heart & Sole yarn in ‘Spring Stripe’ and Kroy 4 ply sock yarn in Coal. Neither are the softest yarns …..

…nor the most expensive, but they turned out very well.  I never even got a chance to block them; they’d be even prettier!

I love it when the insides look nice too.

The palms of the mittens – blocking would’ve smoothed these out….

I changed the tips of the mittens from a blunt end that used the Kitchener stitch to  more traditional Norwegian style points – they just came out better.

Back to work on the Damask shawl and finishing up the last few “Christmas” items…….better late than never!

Of course there’s more stuff on my project page on Ravelry  about these projects and more.



  1. Peppie and I are both sorry we couldn’t visit with you this afternoon. That’s a great set of photos you have there, Helen. I particularly like the hat for your niece.

  2. What gorgeous knitting! Lucky people you made them for. I think sometimes as a knitter we would appreciated knitted gifts, but don’t ever receive them!

  3. That is a beautiful bunch of knitted love! It was quite an undertaking and you did it so very well.

    I hope you have new mittens for you!

  4. Beautiful cables on that scarf. I love it. That camel color is one of my favorites for scarves and accessories. Always chic and classic! Thanks for the love about my mittens by the way!


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