I cannot believe what I’m seeing last night and today – snow. Eight inches PLUS. This is too much winter for me!

This is WAY too much like where I grew up weatherwise; the big difference is that Alabama only has approximately 2 snow plows for entire state. Since it’s gonna be right at or below freezing all week, the snow will stay for several days……

Yes, it is pretty but……I hope this isn’t a harbinger of how winters will be in the coming years. Poopies.

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  1. I love this snow! I am such a weird-o! I am glad to be staying in and not going anywhere. I stomped around in the snow. My Ice Queen is perfect for being out there, as are my stranded mittens and gloves. Then I come back inside and knit! I wish you could come over and enjoy this time with me. Also, I still have your present. It might be a slo-mo race between me figuring out a time to see you or packaging it up and getting to the post office!


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