Way behind and “gromping”

So what else is new? I’m way behind where I oughta be on SO many levels – I think I’ma just have to dive in and work – and not worry about “catching up” because I don’t think I actually can.

I’m so insane at this point I started swapping again on swapbot, and I’ve missed those deadlines too.

She looks just how I feel today.

The Knoxville gig was lovely – I have some wonderful friends there too that I got to stay with and have a divine visit with. I’m so fortunate!

Which is why it’s so ridiculous that I’m feeling so distressed today.

A week ago, I had a misunderstanding with someone that I thought we were working out, and it has now escalated into a big, fat hairy deal.

So I’m stomping around and grumping, saying “Everything is poo!” I’ve coined a new word for this: “gromping”.

Still life is good, and I know I’ll be out of my funk soon. Thanks for all the prayers!

I have MORE grumpy pictures:


  1. Yes! Just dive right in, and you will be sure to get something done, and then move on to the next. Keeping busy with what you need to do might even help with the other situation. I’m still praying for you and that situation.


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