Sweaters on the horizon and teaching knitting.

Yup, NaKniSweMo is on the radar, and I’ve decided to finish a couple of sweaters I’ve started, especially last year’s NaKniSweMo project.

Sweaters seem to be my obsession this year.  I haven’t even detailed for you yet how I plan to create a pattern from a  machine-knitted and sewn together sweater I own (got it at Old Nanvy online about 3 years ago for ten bucks and and have  worn it and worn it and…well you get the idea)  and knit it for not one but 2 of my friends, as well as  take excellent notes so I might actually publish said pattern, so that probably means making a “first-draft” sweater and so on.  Swatching is already taking place……

In the last seven days, I have purchased 2 very different yarns in “sweater amounts” for me. For those of you know don’t know – I am very large, so buying enough yarn to make a sweater for myself is rather an investment. In DK weight yarn, that’s about 2700 yards of yarn, and I like really GOOD yarn.

The first purchase I justified because I had a store credit for more than half of the cost, and this other one is because I got the yarn on sale for 20% off plus free shipping…on 100% baby alpaca! I so love knitting with alpaca – it’s almost as wonderful as knitting with cashmere but less expensive. Here’s the yarns I got and what I hope to do with them:

Jil Eaton Cottontail in Marine

I don’t really like knitting with cotton – it’s quite hard on my hands, I find. However, I love Jil Eaton’s stuff and this yarn has a cable construction that I’m hoping will “give” a bit.  I’m planning for this yarn to be a shortsleeve pullover with a nice lace detail that isn’t too revealing.  Swatching will tell the tale, as usual.

The other yarn I got is:

Lion Brand (LB Collection) Baby Alpaca in Fawn

This is gonna be a cardigan of some kind.  I have several ideas floating around in my head…. I haven’t touched/felt up/molested this yarn yet, but the price is SO good right now ($4.60 a skein?) and it is UNDYED!  I get really excited about undyed alpaca yarn.  I love that this yarn is coming from the fleece in the color of the animal…well, ok I do realize that the alpaca fleeces come from a number of different animals and that, unlike some amazing undyed alpaca yarn  I got off from Etsy a while back which came with the name and a picture of the actual alpaca the fiber came from,  it’s not actually the color of an individual alpaca, but STILL.  I love it. Head over to Lion Brand yarns and get some of their LB Collection yarns (20% off for the next few days) and get free shipping for the next few days with the code: fall4yarn

It’ll do you good.


I mentioned teaching in the headline – and yes, this coming weekend, I will be teaching my husband to knit.  This last weekend, Studmuffin & I were discussing some things, including where we are going this Christmas – to visit his family.  He started talking about sending a note around to all said family, telling them that we wouldn’t be giving gifts to everyone….I told him NO!  I’ve already started a list, and we’re gonna give knitted things – scarves, hats & mittens – and goodness knows, we’ve got the yarn!  He said that he could help…he’d learned to knit in the past….I said I’d be happy to teach him how to again.  I’m certain he learned English style from his mother -she’s a southpaw and so is he – but I’m gonna teach him Continental style.

I’m a little bit excited about teaching him – I think he’ll get into it and really enjoy it. Goodness knows the man could use a little de-stressing, and he’s told me one of his favorite things in life is when he and I work as a team (yup, he’s really terrific that way).

Now years ago, I was making cross-stitch samplers to commemorate various births in the family. At one point, I had a job and he didn’t, and as he was watching lots of tv, he started doing the cross-stitch.  He got really good at it and eventually did the last few almost entirely.  I’m thinking that he might enjoy knitting even more than cross-stitch because of  its structural properties….

I think I’ll have him make a hat in the round to begin with. I’ll let you know how it goes…….


P.S.  I still haven’t completely forgotten about India, or the feature post for the gorgeous cashmere shawl that Sarah gave me…..



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  1. Woo-hoo! NaKniSweMo, NaKniSweMo, NaKniSweMo! Looks like you might have some company with that *cough, cough, Wednesday nights, cough* Handknit Christmas all around, sweater design and teaching, too? You are going to be busy!

    Love the new yarns! The gorgeous, vibrant color of the cotton and the rich, natural colors of the alpaca are each so beautiful on their own. Such different yarns mean you will have something no matter your mood or the weather.

    Too bad you already have plans this weekend, or I would be trying to recruit you for a road trip to Murfreesboro for the little fiber festival.

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