Scotland the Brave

So in a few years, Studmuffin and I will have been married for


yes, this blows my mind as well. Still, I know how we are and if I want us to do anything special to commemorate that date, I gotta start planning years in advance. Hence, a couple of years ago, I started asking Studmuffin where he wanted to go.  After much blathering and protestations of “I want to go where YOU want to go,”* and claptrap like that, I finally found out that he MIGHT want to go to Scotland. His ethnic heritage is Italian, German and Scots, and mine (so far as we know**) is: English, Welsh, Irish, French, German, Iroquois and Scots, with Scots being the only thing I get from both Mum and Dad.

Scotland is good with me.  After all, they have sheep there. Sheep means wool and wool means YARN!!  And there’s music, and I do love to travel…..

This morning, I was on the website for the Thistle & Shamrock radio program, I saw that they are running a fabulous sweepstakes for a marvelous trip to Scotland.  Yup, I’m gonna enter.  I think y’all should too, even though every entry lessens my chance for winning, but hey!  It’s fun to think about winning, even if the chance of winning is verra small. And if we don’t win, I have some good leads on places to go and to stay.

So go check it out:


*I stated picking places in Africa and India where I’d truly love to go, and that he has NO desire to visit.

**My dad was adopted so we’ve a general idea of his ethnic heritage, but few specifics.


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  1. Yay! I hope you win! Scotland does sound like a wonderful place to visit.

    Since you are preparing years in advance, that means you have time to knit Balmoral, right? That idea popped into my head almost immediately.

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