Still wandering the Land of “CrazyBusy”

There is a bit of knitting happening, tho’ I do have some bittersweet news to report: my dear friend, Meg, who for these past 15 years has run my favorite Local Yarn Shop (LYS for uninitiated) has sold it. Fortunately, Yarn Expressions has been bought by another local yarn-addicted person, but things will change and I’m a little sad. She was kind enough to ask me to help with the inventory last Sunday and I did, for which I will be paid in this:

Oh, yeah! She’s got my number! I love it.

In the last newsletter she wrote for the store, Meg asked for people to write in with their memories of Yarn Expressions, and she’s put lots of them on her site; do go and read them.  I didn’t send one in, but I will say right here for the record that Yarn Expressions is the only store of any kind that I have ever routinely taken people from out of town to (and several who live here and didn’t know about the shop) and shown the shop to them – whether they knit, spin, crochet or NOT.  It always has lovely things to look at and touch and beautiful colors and lovely people who *understand* about the necessity and desirability of building up a good stash of yarn…preferably of yarn that makes you completely delighted by its color and feel and behavior when you run back across it whilst digging through said stash.

I have not forgotten about telling all about India – I **still** haven’t taken my photos out of the camera yet!  It is coming, and God willing it will be soon.  Even tho’ I have a couple of big projects coming up, still I hope to be just a regular busy person, like this:

Rather than how I have been for the last few months, which is so much more like this:

The Mayor of the Land of CrazyBusy



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  1. The changes–they keep happening! Knowing nearly nothing about what is going to happen and what has occurred, I am keeping an open and hopeful mind about the new yarn store. It sounds like there are likely enough changes that it really will be like a new store, and I am saying goodbye to the old and welcoming opportunity.

    There will always be stuff to keep you from life if you allow it. Don’t let busyness become your business.

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