Don’t give up on me!

Hey y’all! I’m still wading thru this mucky bit of life but I have loads o’ hope! Thanks for all the good wishes and do know that I’ve not forgotten about you either.

Am contemplating the knitting for the winter. I have yarn for at least two cardis, a t-shirt type pullover and a shrug; it bothers me that I don’t have anything like this to wear that I made myself.  What’s up with that? Plus, I’m thinking about making some house/decor things too. While it was so bloody hot – it was very hard to keep knitting. Now that it’s a little more bearable, I can deal. One big problem is that my sewing & yarn stash area in the garage has gotten completely overrun with house stuff and is in much disarray. With the cooler weather, we can clean out the garage again (we do it about every 6 months) and get a bit better organized.

Here’s some pictures of things I wanna make:

The Rockwell cardigan – probably in a wine or brown color and an acrylic blend.

Bohus Cardigan – not certain on colors yet – I’m thinking very colorful perhaps…..

perhaps this shrug, or another. SOME kind of lace shrug in a blue or purple

The home decor I’m thinking of  is the Lizard Ridge afghan (finally get going on that!)  and we have two ottomans that we use as a kind of coffee table.  They are still very useful, but need covering!! They’re somewhat like this:

and the tops are vinyl and getting very worn.  I’d also like to knit some nice throw pillow covers – with loads of cables and maybe colorwork. Perhaps there’s even a tea cosy in my future….. There’s so many groovy patterns on Ravelry.

Then there’ the full compliment of scarves and hats and mittens that need to be made, and I owe the Duke of Curl some socks….aah…….


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