Ok, well, I haven’t had anything to say….

….anything positive, so I’ve been trying to take the advice I give to my children by not saying anything. Things will be looking up soon, and the school routine more established so then I’ll finally talk about India and other stuff.

ONE thing that is very positive is that Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting book is gonna be republished next month.

The amazingly wonderful and seriously crazy Alice Starmore in 2009

YAY!!!! I’ll finally get to start on my St. Brigid sweater.

A St. Brigid sweater in progress.... I think mine will be...blue.


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  1. Sometimes not saying anything at all is the best choice. I hope you are finding good ways to not keep the negative bottled up, as that hurts, and can end up leaking or spewing out in unexpected and inconvenient ways.

    I’m glad you have some knitting to look forward to, Helen.

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