A manly knitter

From the Yarn Harlot‘s “Never Not Knitting” daily calendar:

Jacques Plante (1929–1986), a famous Canadian hockey player (and one of the first goalies to insist that he wear a mask), was an accomplished knitter. There are reports of a 22-year-old Plante wearing a hockey jersey he knit himself while tending goal for the Montreal Canadiens; his teammates tell stories of him knitting touques in hotel rooms; and he himself once said knitting was really important to him and that it was the only thing that really helped him unwind.

And from the online concise Brittanica:

Jacques Plante (born Jan. 17, 1929, Shawinigan Falls, Que., Can. — died Feb. 26, 1986, Geneva, Switz.) Canadian ice-hockey player. A goalie, he recorded a shutout in his first NHL game. He was an integral member of the powerful Montreal Canadiens team that won a record five successive Stanley Cups (1956 – 60). He was the first goalie to wear a protective face mask (1959). Honoured throughout his 18-year NHL career, he was one of the most successful of all NHL goaltenders.

There’e a nice article at the Greatest Hockey Legends blog here, where reference to his knitting is rather condescending but they DO mention it.

Plante said at one point, “Someday, I’m going to learn to knit with my feet.”


I will be out of town for almost another 2 weeks.  I hope to blog some but there’s no guarantee…..  India recollections will happen AFTER I return.  No  REALLY!  Now stop laughing.