Thanks for yer patience.

I promise to start blogging all about the trip to India next week. Many pictures are available on Facebook – just look for the Voices of Baha and you’ll find hundreds.

Still am under the weather a bit plus we’re redoing one of the kids’ rooms, and it was our wedding anniversary this week.I did knit on the the plane a good deal – another Noro scarf, and there *will* be pictures! Got a new printer to replace the “new” printer that now does not work and costs far more to fix than to replace. Arggggh! But I still haven’t installed the printer so that’s why no pictures of mine as yet.

If you like elephant jokes, please surf on over to Franklin Habit’s most recent blog post – there’s a few in the comments that I’d never heard and I thought I knew them all!  In fact, his blog is wonderful to read at any time, even if you don’t like elephant jokes or knitting.
The Panopticon

Have a great weekend.