On the mend and NOT going to see Amos Lee

Just a quick update for you:

1) it turned out to be MAJOR surgery and I was in the hospital for three nights.
2) No cancer so far -we’ll know more on Friday- but all kinds of scar tissue and adhesions to various digestive bits along with the mass (the dr. used the term ‘cemented in’…) all of which had to be removed.
3) My mom is fabulous.
4) I am alternating resting and walking. Not in huge amounts of pain, thankfully.
5) Blog will have more knitting in it next week.



  1. Wow. Sorry about Amos Lee. Yay for your mom. Yay for you and the tennis ball. Sounds gross. Cemented in. Glad it’s all cleaned up. Glad you aren’t in too much pain. Abdominal surgery can be so……. uh, painful. I had abdominal surgery once. They found a 7 lb. 11 oz. kid in me. Not cemented in. I’m still dealing with that one. And her offspring. You get them out and after awhile they start to multiply.

  2. I’m glad you are healing well, sorry you are missing out on Amos Lee, glad the pain is not huge, sorry the surgery was more complex, glad that they have not found cancer, but sorry that you are still awaiting further results.

    Take care, keep healing well, and I hope to see you soon!

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