A Happy Repast/Re-post

Studmuffin is gone for the weekend to do some things with his family and No. 1 Son.  No, I cannot tell you what they are doing because No. 1 Son HATES HATES HATES it when I write about him here, which why you’ve not heard much of anything about him for quite a while.  Suffice it to say that things are going better for him and I’m glad.

Since Studmuffin is gone and the Duke of Curl was off at his BFF’s house playing some new mind-melting video game, the Force of Nature & I went out to dinner at the Barrel of Crackers. We really had a lovely time together, even though they cooked her food badly. She and I like the Barrel of Crackers – the rest of the famdamily doesn’t really care for it, so it was really nice…and she is REALLY funny.  So: a happy repast.


Occasionally, I’ll take  look at the “dashboard” of this blog and look to see if anyone reads this but me and 4 of my friends.  Don’t get me wrong!  I *love* it that my friends take time out of their lives to read my endless natterings and stuff!  It’s just neat to see if other people land here and find something to interest them here.

Over the last seven or eight months there has been an interesting trend:  I started gaining “views” by the dozens, which peaked in December. Since December, not only have I not been gaining views, I’ve been “losing” them.  The top 3 view posts here have been:

It makes me glad that week after week people are getting something out of this.  It’s probably my favorite thing that I’ve ever done here, so here it is again for yer smilification.

Originally posted March 3, 2009 as

Ten fer Tuesday – 10 things to make yer life better


  1. laugh & be silly      721510105_b314546e17_mkids_laughing


Are you smiling yet?


Really, if you aren’t smiling yet, you need to go do something silly immediately!! A few more for you “hard cases”…


2.   sing/make music/hear live music

Making music is a human birthright and do not let “performance anxiety” get in the way of that.  Listening to recorded music is wonderful…but it won’t make your life better in the way that making music does. Yer not performing at Carnegie Hall, so silence yer inner critic and make some music EVERYDAY.  And then make a date to go out and HEAR some live music; there’s just something about that energy that is good for the soul.

3.  STOP watching the news

Yup, you really can and still be a well-informed individual.  You can read the news and you’ll get more out of it I reckon.  I dare you to stop watching tv/online video news for a week completely and read all of your news from say the BBC. You’ll be well-informed, have more time, plus your life will be better.
4. get enough sleep

There are 3 things you can do to improve your health:  eat right, exercise and get enough rest.  The most recent studies show that of these 3 things, getting enough sleep is THE most important.  Now go take a nap.

Time for a smile break:

5.  work for a cause that is greater than yourself

Do I have to explain this? Really? Oh gosh…

In a nutshell:  as far as the Universe is concerned, yer a small being.  A noble and important being, but a small, short-lived being nevertheless. Even the tiniest cockroach can do almost everything that you can do: eat, sleep, make noise, defecate, procreate and so on.  But that cockroach cannot deviate one iota from its instincts – it is a prisoner of its own nature if you will.  Human beings are the only animal that CAN, and since you can, you SHOULD.

6.  exude love

Ever have a bad day, and then get treated with love and kindness from a stranger?  It was fabulous, wasn’t it?  Don’t you wanna do that for others?  Nuff said.

7. practice gratitude

When you practice gratitude, it’s a particularly wonderful way to live in the moment and yet rise above one’s daily concerns.  Be grateful for that hot shower, that cup of tea, that unencumbered breath, even that next heartbeat.  People that need a heart transplant and cannot get one would be VERY grateful for your heartbeat.



8. learn to knit/garden/do something with your hands
go ahead do it.  get a little dirty….






9. read really good books
10. get excited about the mystery of the future

There are wonderful things in store for each one of us!




So…is yer life better yet?


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