April Foolishness and Live Music

So I’m on the mend from all the pneumonia and stuff, my mother has been here and gone – with plans to return on the 6th to help me for the next day’s surgery. So what do I discover?

ON APRIL NINTH – AMOS LEE is performing right here in Huntsville.

Amos Lee

His website where you can hear some of his music

Oh my blessed right knee! I adore AMOS LEE. Hence, the fool that I am, I am actually considering GOING to hear him PLAY. How foolish is this? WAY WAY foolish. Now I know he’ll also be at WorkPlay in B’ham on the 13th, and WorkPlay is one of the best venues I’ve ever seen anybody in….and I will have had a few more days to heal….still it’s probably a bad idea to go, right?

Friends and neighbors, please feel free to tell me how stupid I’m being in the comments. I’m like an addict – I’ve no self control….

(good) Live Music = HAPPINESS

In the last couple of months, I’ve been lucky to see 3 really good live shows: the Soweto Gospel Choir, Ruthie Foster and Shawn Colvin.  Studmuffin came with me to see the Soweto Gospel Choir and Shawn Colvin; both of which took place at the Alys Stephens Center in B’ham. Both shows were terrific performances…but I’m not certain I’ll ever want to go back to that venue…unless it’s for opera or something classical.   It’s a lovely looking place, the acoustics are very good but there’s a very “dead” energy there. The Soweto Gospel Choir had difficulty getting people in the audience to respond to the music with clapping; certainly no one got up to *dance*.  And if they couldn’t do it – NO ONE can.

The Soweto Gospel Choir

We had wonderful seats for the Shawn Colvin concert and she was great, even though she had a cold. Not only can she REALLY sing AND play, but she re-tuned her guitar (a be-yoo-tee-ful Martin) about 5 times to alternate tunings BY EAR.

Shawn Colvin

That was simply (insert yer favorite expletive here) amazing! David Wilcox, another singer-songwriter we are fond of  and uses quite a few alternate tunings, used a nifty tuner attached to his mike stand when we saw him.

The Ruthie Foster show was here in Huntsville at the Merrimack Hall and that was completely delicious. The hall was great and sold out and she was magnificent.

Ruthie Foster

Ruthie Foster is a National TREASURE y’all.

Please please PLEASE go see/hear some live music and soon! Because here’s the equation:

(good) Live Music = HAPPINESS!


Amos Lee

Crossroads Cafe – in Huntsville

Workplay – in Birmingham

Soweto Gospel Choir

Alys Stephens Center – in Birmingham

Shawn Colvin

David Wilcox

Ruthie Foster

Merrimack Hall – in Huntsville


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