American Idolators: The Top 12 recap (pt. 1), Naughty Sex and the Rolling Stones

First off- I have the flu.   And I have it BAD.  But I still watched and took notes.

If yer not a fan, don’t read this post, K?

I haven’t watched much AI this year – 2 audition shows and 1 from “Hollywood”.  I would’ve liked to watch more but my schedule didn’t workout that way.  Evenso, this gave me an opportunity to hear these folks in a fresh way.  I only remembered 2 from the Hollywood show – Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly .  Everyone else I remembered has already gone home.

A new feature of my recap this time around is the  “Connect – o -meter”.  This is a purely arbitrary (OK, everything about this recap is arbitrary, I grant you) rating by me about how I felt the performer connected with the emotional content of the song and therefore connected with their own soul and mine.  Watch this clip for THE gold standard – this girl gets a 10 on the connect-o-meter: Natisha Hanson I mean you should REALLY go watch it all the way thru.

A one-time feature of this particular recap is the Eunoterpsian Grade I will give each performer.  I will explain it all in part 2.

The singers – in order of appearance:

  1. Michael Lynche
  2. Didi Benami
  3. Casey James
  4. Lacey Brown
  5. Andrew Garcia
  6. Katie Stevens
  7. Tim Urban
  8. Siobhan Magnes
  9. Lee Dewyze
  10. Paige Miles
  11. Aaron Kelly
  12. Crystal Bowersox

I have not read or heard any other recap or review of the show.  Just so’s ya know.


Michael Lynche – “Miss You”

Gives a really good interview. Nice baby.

He is the total package, but this arrangement is a little weird for me.  Really good singing, but zip on the raunch factor. Cowell- I love him…but look at SEACREST!  All up in Cowell’s FACE!  Is there gonna be a RUCKUS?

***Connect-o-meter: +5  (but  Mike, I *know* you can do more!)   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: 5.0

Didi Benami  – “Playing With Fire”

Goofy little girl talk with Seacrest – honey, you are too old and been in Cali too long for that to work anymore.  Interview just OK.

This is a good look forher.  She sings well, but I kept waiting for the song to start – it all sounded like “intro” to me.  She definitely lucked out on drawing the #2 spot. Rather forgettable performance; again zip on the raunch factor.  And WHAT is with the people in the audience with their hands in the air?  Total corn.

***Connect-o-meter: +.5    ***Eunoterpsian Grade: 1.0

Casey James – “All Over Now”

Good interview.  Mama could umm….update her look a bit, but a nice family.  He sounded humble.

He looks good, he sounds good and I do like the slide, but ya looked at yer fingers too much, hon, and this wasn’t a big enough performance for this size stage.  Remember Chris Daughtry?  He knows how to fill the stage.  Maybe a 1 on the raunch factor and he looked like he was having a good time and I like that.  By the way, I love Ellen even MORE now.

***Connect-o-meter: +2   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: 2.0

Lacey Brown – ” Ruby Tuesday”

Her dad gave a great interview.

She looks terrific. The string quartet works, and she did use the stage a bit, but I hated her singing all the way.  Was that how she wanted to do it? Really?

***Connect-o-meter: 0    ***Eunoterpsian Grade: -5.0

Andrew Garcia – “Gimme Shelter”  (my favorite Stones song)

Good interview.

Wrong look for this week and I find his glasses really distracting and a neck tat?  I didn’t know that “Gimme Shelter” could be BORING, but I learned that yes it can…..

***Connect-o-meter: -4   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: -1000

Katie Stevens – “Wild Horses”

NICE interview.

Nice dress – wrong shoes.  A pretty girl who can sing.  Even with a couple of pitchy bits, she ***connects***

***Connect-o-meter: +6.5   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: UA

Tim Urban – “Under My Thumb”

Nice interview.  Everything is very nice nice nice.

A cutesy reggae arrangement?  Has he actually listened to the lyrics?  Perhaps he needs to be tied down and made to listen to a number of hours of Motorhead, Ozzy, the Clash, the Slits……   Goroll him in some dirt and beat him up.  Make him star in production of “Repo Man” -something!    However, he DID take a risk and I like that.  In front of MILLIONS of peoples.  That’s either cluelessness or cojones.

***Connect-o-meter: – 2  ***Eunoterpsian Grade: maybe UA  or 0.5

Siobhan Magnes – “Paint It Black”

Very good interview

She looks appropriate for the song but eew! Pitch, girl!  This should have been her week – this didn’t reach me at all…..I guess you had to be there.

***Connect-o-meter: 0   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: UA but really a 3.0

Lee Dewyze – “Beast of Burden” (2nd fave Stones song)

I like his parents.

Oh yeah – I like it. He connects and this could go on the radio today.  he does look a good bit nervous – wish he’d loosen up.

***Connect-o-meter: +6   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: 7.0

Paige Miles – “Honky Tonk Woman”

OK interview.

Good look – she looks a little uncomfortable with some of the lyrics and with the stage.  Still she connects – girl can sing.  Please do not grab the mike so it blocks the view of your face – we want to see you. She had laryngitis?  Now THAT’s AMAZING.

***Connect-o-meter: +5.9   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: 4.0

Aaron Kelly -” Angie”

Great interview. Looks good.  I remember him from auditions ‘cos he looks a little like Joseph Gordon-Levitt from “3rd Rock from the Sun”, but has this great voice.

Perfect song choice, I felt him – he’s got that “ache” in the right place.  REALLY good.  My favorite performance of the night, which is a complete surprise; I couldn’t imagine what he could do with a Stones song.

***Connect-o-meter: +7   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: UA

Crystal Bowersox – You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Ok interview – yer dad was so sweet.

She’s got a good voice, but she needs to lay off the weed before performing.  She seemed high to me. Ok but forgettable.  Yer earrings were distracting and please get rid of the lip stud – it looks like a pencil lead pimple.  Too bad.

***Connect-o-meter: 0.5   ***Eunoterpsian Grade: 4.5



This particular week, I think AI should shock everybody and have no one go home this week…and then send 2 home next week. It would freak people OUT.  And I’d like to hear everybody one more time.


Always remember and never forget that the guys have the advantage here:  if they can cause the teenaged girls hearts to flutter, those girls and their ubiquitous cell phones will light up those phones and vote hundreds of times for their fave. Remember, there is NO male equivalent for Tiger Beat.  Skin mags do NOT count, not even Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue, because there’s not a single self-quiz or poll or even an advice column.

Lacey Brown I imagine.

Part 2 is a risk for me.  Do read it please.

Please do leave yer comments!  I live for them. 🙂


  1. Okay, so I read the second part first. Now I understand a bit more.
    I was recently staying in Redmond, WA with a friend who once lived in Huntsville. Turns out her sister was a rock star in the late 80’s. Joanna Dean. You might like seeing the videos on Youtube. Then you could give me her eunoterpsian rating as well as her connectivity rating. I’d like to see what you think.

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