A new song to sing

Most mornings, when homeschooling, I get to do something that I enjoy (& the kids do not).

Years ago, I read that in the mornings, ‘Abdu’l-Baha would gather the children of the household together (and any adults who wished to join in) and he would make tea for everyone and they would start the day with prayers and singing.  I really liked that idea and started doing it with my kids.  The reason that they don’t like it is because they are ornery, just like their mother AND father, and hate to be told what to do….about anything.  But sometimes, the kids will surprise me; today was one of those days.

This morning the Force of Nature made up a really cute and very brief song about how the Faith is like a Dill Pickle.  I recorded her singing it, and I would love to post it, but my blog is limited in that way so I cannot.  However, I will be happy to send it to anyone who would like it, so just leave a comment below and I’ll email it you.


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