Now that it isn’t quite so cold….

…I can stand to look at these pictures. 🙂

About 2 weeks ago, my mother was remembering about how up North (in New Hampshire and so on), the various schools and universities would do some kind of Winter Carnival.  Events in such contests would vary, but there were always snow sculptures….if there was snow to be had, and usually there was.  They’ve had a good bit of snow there in Virginia, so Mom made some of her own:

She issued a challenge to her grandkids to make some of their own, and one of the cousins in Richmond took her up on it.

The Force of Nature did one too, with the tiny little bit of snow we got about a week & a half ago, but I cannot seem to get the photos out of the camera…..

In Harbin, China, they have a marvelous Winter Festival, and I encourage you to look at their incredible (!) ice and snow sculptures!  Rather than post all the pictures here, I’ll give you a link or seven:

Snow & Ice Festival 1 Snow & Ice Festival 3 Snow & Ice Festival 5 Snow & Ice Festival 7

Snow & Ice Festival 2 Snow & Ice Festival 4 Snow & Ice Festival 6 Snow & Ice Festival 8

Here’s a link to a bunch of pictures of street snow sculpture (some of the comments are NSFW):

Street Snow Sculptures in Northern China



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  1. I’m just now looking at these WONDERFUL snow and ice sculptures from China.
    Thank you, Helen! I never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity and the talent of the Chinese people!! Mom

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