Ravelry gush; still sick but happy….

Life is GOOD! I mean it can always be worse.

“Never challenge worse ,” says Bill Cosby.  “It can be exactly how it is right now with a fork stuck in your eye….”

So onto the “Ravelry gush”: one thing that makes me WAY happy on a nearly daily basis is Ravelry.  I get so very inspired by what people are doing there.  I’m challenged and uplifted by what fiber folk are doing all over this fine planet.

My latest “project crush” smacked me upside the head about half an hour ago:  The  Rainbow Persephone Scarf. OK, first – feast your eyes on the original single color scarf:

cabled scarf

This is a free scarf pattern by Smariek Knits and just beautiful in its own right; I’ve wanted to make this for a long time.  However today as I was trolling around Ravelry, I saw what this college student in Florida has done with this pattern:

I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS PROJECT.  It’s gonna be very very hard for me not to drop everything and start on one for me.  I’m no great shakes at intarsia and I’ve not done intarsia cables before…

Another photo to drool over:

Now get this: she made the whole thing out of Caron Simply Soft yarn.  For those of you that don’t know – Caron Simply SOft is an inexpensive acrylic yarn that is a little slippery and not necessarily fun (for me anyway) to knit.  And for intarsia projects, I would think a yarn with a little more “grab”  would be the thing, but this woman seems to have had no trouble…..  Here is a link to her blog: Bijou Knits

Without Ravelry, I would have never known the pattern existed, much less have seen what Bijou did with it.  To quote the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz:

“Oh joy! Rapture!”

Now….go knit something.  🙂


In the “This Really Deserves A Post of Its Own Like A Week Ago”  file:

My dear friend (and KNITTER EXTRAORDINAIRE)  Sarah gave me a bunch of wonderful things when we got together and I’ve not posted about them because of camera/photography issues. I hope that will resolve very soon, but I just cannot wait any longer to say that Sarah is THE BEST!!!! Thank you and I’ma have you guys to dinner as soon as I kick this cold.



  1. I’m sorry this cold continues to linger, and hope you are feeling well again, soon!

    I have admired that pattern, and am just blown away with that gorgeous version of it. I have only knit intarsia once, and it was cabled. It was the square I knit for the baby blanket for Laura. I felt like a rock star when I finished that little piece. Don’t wait another minute–cast on, Helen!

  2. I too have long admired Persephone but you are so right – that multi coloured version really takes it to an utterly new level altogether. I spend very little time trolling Ravelry so thank you so much for pointing that lovely out!

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