The head cold has morphed…..

…into bronchitis, or near enough. And of course, Studmuffin is out of town. I hope he doesn’t bring home another new and exciting head cold this time.

I will be very VERY happy when we finally install a pet door. Boris and Natasha have taken to answering nature’s call at 3 a.m. most every morning. Since it wasn’t terribly cold, I’d left the sliding door in back open a dog’s width so I could have a night’s uninterrupted sleep. But oh NO! Natasha went out easily enough, but started barking at 3:30 a.m. to be let in….the FRONT door. Nothing would do except she HAD to come in the front door. Could it be that my lack of rest is retarding my return to health? Grrrr.

Still , it’s small potatoes. Life is good for me and my immediates. However, my illness isn’t assisting in the Force of Nature’s homeschooling progress!

Knitting is continuing as I’m taking a break from “The Beast”.


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  1. Yeah, the sleep is important. So sorry you are unwell. I hope you are feeling well enough to get out tonight, maybe enjoy a hot mug of something, form a stitch or two?

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