Der Wind weht heute Abend hart.*

The wind has been blowing ferociously gusty for the last 5 hours and it’s keeping me awake. After casting on and starting a twined knitting hat, which I ripped out because the yarn isn’t right for the project, learning 2 new-to-me cast ons and knitting almost 3 inches of K1 P1 ribbing for yet another hat fer Studmuffin (the last wasn’t long enough, so the Force of Nature claimed it), and deciding that I’m a have to rip that out too since I don’t like how the cast on looks and it will bug me every time I see that hat – I finally decided to get up, turn on the ‘puter and blather on to y’all….at 4:15 am.

In the last post, I was getting ready to go to the radio station to do my radio show. I wanted to play the songs I’d gotten off of eMusic in tribute to various Blues artists who passed on in 2009. I had spent a good bit of the previous 2 days trying to get the CD player/burner to work with NO LUCK AT ALL. Man, the thing wouldn’t even play pre-recorded CDs – I was some frustrated. But it didn’t matter in the end because we had a tornado.

Someone else's picture of the tornado just before it touched down.

No. REALLY. We had a tornado. I could hear it and see it from inside my house.  Even though I couldn’t see the bottom of it, I knew it was on the ground because of all the debris.  This was a block away from my house!  The Force of Nature started crying and screaming, “I don’t wanna die!  I don’t wanna die!”    Fortunately, it did not hit us directly, it was a small tornado, only property damage and no injuries occurred.

One of the houses nearby that was damaged.

It all went very fast!  I learnedwhen I got to work that it also knocked the power out at the radio station and university, which didn’t come back on until the last 20 mins of my show.  There was all kinds of stuff going on when the tornado happened, which is pretty usual for Thursday afternoons around here, but the tornado was a little over the top.

We have a lot of tornado warnings and actual tornadoes here in Huntsville.  You get used to it – it’s a danger like any other.  Ordinarily, the funnel clouds form up southeast of here and the 2 really big tornadoes that have done serious damage – one in 1974 and the other in 1989 were in the southeastern part of the city.  They usually just skip right on over Chapman mountain and Monte Sano.  Still, I always try to take them seriously; tornadoes are extremely unpredictable and destructive.  We have a tornado siren across the street at the school which I heard but it was when I actually *heard* the tornado (think freight train engine) that I told the F.o.N to go into the bathroom.  But we’re all fine now.

Now, it seems the wind has blown itself out, so I’m off to bed and hopefully to sleep!


* This is German for “The wind is blowing hard tonight.”


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