A finished object! Yay!

Moderne Baby blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting

my Ravelry project link

free pattern link

Not an exciting knit – all garter stitch – but an opportunity to do something simple well, which I admit I didn’t always make it all the way to “excellence” on this one.  I didn’t exactly follow the pattern as I was running out of yarn and I didn’t put the mitered edge on either. I started making a a single-crochet edging, but after doing about 1/5 of it, I found it didn’t really enhance the project and ripped it out. This blanket is good practice for picking up stitches and weaving in ends, & the resulting fabric has a delightful squish factor.  Machine washable this is, and all pictures were taken after its maiden wash & dry. All cell phone pics again – the camera is misplaced at the mo’.

A gift for Emily Elam’s baby boy….who is due to arrive any minute.  🙂

I made a quick twist cord (much to the amazement of the Force of Nature) and it will be given tonight.  I’ll be doing the radio show tonight from 6:30 – 8 pm Central time.  I hope you can listen.   http://www.aamu.edu/WJAB



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