Yes, we have a sense of humor

Alabama has a terrible reputation all over the world.  I know this and I think it’s deserved.  What irritates me a little is that there are lots of other states in the U.S.A. that deserve the same reputation but don’t have it….   Oh well.

When several of my friends and family members have come to visit, they have been rather surprised to find how nice it is here.  There *are* really smart people, caring people, heck!  We’ve even got cable TV and CNN and everything. And we have a sense of humor.  To illustrate a bit of that, I have some video for you.

The fellas at Rhett & Link make funny commercials and they made this one.  NOW a software company in Birmingham, AL has made a similar commercial:

See?  We don’t take ourselves all that seriously.



  1. For whatever its worth – up here in Canada I’ve never been aware of any negative associations with your state – any your blog is a clear demonstration that humour definitely exists where you live!

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