A groovy sock idea part deux

Whilst I’ve been grieving for my late cat – many thanks to those who have sent condolences; it means more to me than you can know or is even REASONABLE (!) – I’ve been working on this homemade sock club idea off and on. I’ve not felt like knitting anything or crocheting on the Klimt-y Babette fer Mum (hereafter known as “the BEAST”), but for those of you who have befriended me on Ravelry, I’ve been looking at (and “favorite-ing”) plenty of pictures of knitting. Very therapeutic as well as listening to John Gorka’s latest CD.

One of the reasons this idea appeals to me so is that it is anti-hoarding in nature. I recognize that I have some issues with “lack”, and my yarn stash reflects this. It has been the enormous growth of my yarn stash that has helped me recognize this almost panicked feeling I get about not having enough – pretty yarns, CDs, books, food, whatever. It isn’t rational at all and I am working on it; I think this idea will help. Plus it’s FUN FUN FUN!

I sought out all the lovely free sock patterns on Ravelry, plus the ones I’ve downloaded for actual $. I also got out all of my sock books and have been perusing those as well. I ignored the knitting magazines I have – already I have too many choices! I did NOT go find all the single patterns of socks I’ve accumulated; they’re out in the unheated garage and it’s too bloody cold to go rummaging around in there. I guess when I get thru this batch, I’ll do those too.

I wanted to do some colorwork, some lace, cables and twisted stitch of COURSE, maybe learn some new techniques….. I only ended up with ONE pattern out of the 10+ sock books I own and one other that I had bought online – ALL of the rest are free ones. Remember when I said I would do maybe six packages of yarn & patterns? Such a FOOL am I! Feast yer eyeballs on this:

There’s 16 or 17 in there – I quit when the printer quit working. I was gonna try to put them into clear bags and then into a pillowcase, but I’ve no pillows THAT big, so identical ‘ Tarzhay’ bags it is.  After printing every one of them out, I put each one in a page protector all nice and neat. Now onto the yarns!

The yarn is also in the unheated garage, but they are in 2 bins that I can get quickly. God *knows* there’s puh-luh-henty more sock yarn to do more than 17 monthly packages.  There’s SO much that I had to use some kind of criteria for deciding which yarns to even consider, so I pulled out:
– the oldest sock yarns I remember buying
– the stuff I dyed myself
– the oldest indie dyer stuff on hand
– stuff I received thru swaps *especially* the colorways I wouldn’t have chosen to get for myself (SWAPS! Yeah! Remember those? Gotta get back to those…maybe by summer)
– the really GOOD stuff I’ve been saving for later

The actual pairing up of the yarn to pattern didn’t take very long after that. Only time and experience will tell if I did a decent job on that part. In fact, I’ve got this crazy idea of doing some kind of a raffle or something monthly either at my local knit night or here on the blog to try to raise some money for the India trip and the only thing stopping me is the pattern/yarn match-up. Or maybe since the divine Sarah did not want anything from Virginia, I’ll just pick one out for her and send it to her house…..if I only knew where she lived! Hey Sarah! Let’s meet for coffee someplace once a month & I’ll bring the giant bag and you can pick one out each time*.  What do you think? Comments about any of these ideas are read and treasured!

The giant (laundry) bag of Groovy Sock Club goodness!

Who knows? If this goes well, I could definitely see hosting a sock club on a local basis…perhaps in conjunction with my LYS…..Hmmmm, maybe not. That might take all the fun out of it and i am in this for the FUN.  I will keep y’all updated about each package as it is revealed.


The Force of Nature wanted to make a cake…and not just any cake: a blue cake.  Those darker areas on the top are intentional; there is a kind of icing “spray paint” one can get (we have blue).  The candy sprinkles are in the shape of cows and stars and moons and dinosaurs and dolphins.  Of course. And those purple blobs are icing too.

I think she’s been inspired by the Percy Jackson books; Percy’s mom makes blue food all the time.  This started out as a white cake mix and white frosting.  Here’s the inside:

We had a bit of a meltdown together as I was trying to make dinner as well and she hadn’t read the directions all the way through.  I had to remind her that my first real job was working at a bakery so I might know something about making a cake……….

The final product was too crumbly to ice properly – I think the amount of food coloring that eventually brought it to such an amazing hue compromised the strength of the cake. All appearances aside, this is a delicious cake.  I’ma have some before bed.

I hope the next post will have pictures from the Virginia/DC trip.  I’ll talk about Bluto some time in the future.  STAY WARM!  And now, some cake…..


* there’s only 2 of them I won’t let you have: 1 beautiful skein of yarn has rather bad moth damage which I’m willing to mess about with but I couldn’t in good conscience give to anyone else, and 1 pattern which I hope to make at the end of this batch containing yarn from all the ones I knit.


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  1. Isn’t stash shopping fun?

    We should definitely get together. Also, I will tell you where I live, if you would really like to know ; )

    Ah, blue cake is something else, eh?

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