A groovy sock idea & the Amazing Bluto

The fabulous Yarn Harlot has a daily calendar,”Never Not Knitting”, and I receive it via email everyday. Today’s little blurb is:

“You know how you have a bunch of sock yarn and a bunch of sock patterns? Think about taking today to create your own personalized Sock of the Month Club. Choose 12 patterns from your collection that you love, pair them up with 12 yarns from your stash, and toss each set into a zip-top bag. Put all of those bags into a bigger bag (I like a pillowcase so I can’t see what’s inside), and at the beginning of each month, pull a bag at random and start knitting. It’s a fun way to surprise yourself, it helps you stay on track with a plan, and at the end of the year, you’ll have at least 12 new pairs of socks. “

I REALLY like this idea, I am trying to save some money and I very much want to join a sock of the month club (Woolgirl’s is the one….). Instead of 12,  I may just do an every-other-month thing since I don’t want to put any pressure on myself to do a pair a month. I mean, I knit fast enough to do it and deadlines can be quite useful, but I think one pair every other month would be realistic. And since I went through the stash last month, I’ve come to realize I have a LOT of truly gorgeous sock yarn (and I do mean a****LOT*****). I don’t just make socks with it, and I did buy a little more yesterday but that will be for a hat.

TANGENT: Isn’t it gorgeous? The creator of this hat is going to write up a pattern and I’m gonna make it…and maybe a pair of matching mittens.  Here’s her first one:

And the yarn I got for it is this:

Zauberball – fuschia

Waikiwi – from NZ and has a wee bit of possum fiber in it.  How could I refuse?

Cascade Heritage – ivory

I’m not sure if I’ll use the green or the ivory for the background yet…..and this one will be for ME! – END OF TANGENT

I might get to pairing up sock yarn and patterns tomorrow at the earliest. Maybe I’ll come up with some kind of yarn giveaway too. What do you think?

The Amazing Bluto is still with us. I can hardly believe it; his kungfu is STRONG! My dear friend Cathy came over to feed Kali and him everyday while we were gone. I was certain he would not be here when we returned, but I was wrong. He doesn’t do much but sleep, is not eating much, but still doesn’t seem to be in any pain. I wish there was some way for me to convey to him how great I think he is and how much I love him. Right now, I mostly wipe his nose and eye (which he hates) and pat him when I have some time. I’m gonna be an absolute mess when he does go, though I’ll have to keep it together at least a little bit to be a decent example for the kids. I’m forever telling them that, “All living things die,” and that “death is part of life – completely natural”. I do have a terrible time saying goodbye….

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  1. I hope you have a better time with the PSC (personal sock club) than I did. I was Epic Fail last year. Still, I do have those bags sitting in the stash room. Maybe I will finish this year. Hrm. No decisions for me today. Oooh–one decision! Ivory. OK, so it is not my decision, but only an opinion and suggestion. I think it will let the pattern and other yarn shine more. Waikiki is for something else, I think.

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