I just wrote a blog post and then deleted it by mistake. Should I take it as a sign to not say whatever it was that I was gonna say?  Perhaps less whinging this time around…..

  • The left-handed crochet plan is a bust.  I guess that goal will get put up on the shelf for a while.
  • Am still crocheting like a fiend.  Here’s a photo or two:Not too bad for cell phone pictures, eh?  I quail at the thought of sewing all these together……gotta be done tho’.
  • The cat is still alive, amazingly enough.   He’s not eating dry food, but will happily scoff up the canned stuff.   Still, there are several hard decisions to be made and soon.
  • I’ve become nearly obsessed with Queen and Freddie Mercury in the last few days.  I’ve always been a fan (since 1977) but I *think* I had a dream about them/him a couple of nights ago and now ….well, it’s strange.  Of course my oh-so-obedient children did NOT put the one Queen cd I had back so now it’s lost and  I have to listen to their music on line.  I am astonished by the fact that it has been EIGHTEEN years since Freddie died. What a terrific showman and singer! I miss him.
  • I guess I’m a little depressed.  The buckets of rain pouring down outside are NOT helping.
  • For some unknown reason Windows Media player just refuses to RUN on my computer.  This is BAD.
  • Life *is* good…I’m just being a whiner.
  • I did have fun putting together the Blues Classics Christmas show I did last night on WJAB. There’s WAY more Christmas blues tunes than you’d think.  I wonder if any of you have ever listened to the show?
  • Sacred Flame has booked a gig in May and that’s something to really look forward to! We’ll be singing at the next Wings to the Spirit conference in Florida.  One of our number cannot make it, but I am happy to think of singing again.
  • We will be going off to visit family for about a week & a half pretty soon.  I think I need to find and bring back something very special for Sarah, who has been just wonderful to me AND comments all the time. AND I MISSED HER BIRTHDAY!   What do you say m’dear?  Any preferences?
  • I just need to go look at some of the silly websites I enjoy….like this one:


  1. Whinge away, if you need it! Letting it out helps to cope with it and move on to the next thing.

    It is a Science Fact that Lack of Sunshine + Thoughts of Sewing Together Squares and Weaving In Ends = : (

    You will make it!

    I hope you have a safe, fun trip with the family. I have so much, and cannot think of a thing.

    Yes, Ye Olde Innerwebs are a wonderful source of amusement and distraction. A few days ago, I perused the Burger King Dollar Holiday Cards and it helped me immensely.

    Take care!

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